Guest Post: Site Updates

Jeremiah: The Web Strategy Blog isn’t just about me, but the overall community.  One of the key members of the team is Mitch Canter, my web designer, and the guy who keeps my blog and all the features up and running.  I aim to implement many of the social technologies that I cover. It helps me to learn, stay current, and understand the limitations and benefits of the tools, which I pass on to you and my clients.  The following is a guest post from Mitch of StudioNashVegas, about a few updates (based on your feedback) we’ve made this past week:


Mitch: Hey everyone, it’s your friendly neighborhood WordPress guy Mitch Canter again!  I’ve been doing some work to Jeremiah’s site in the last few days, so if you’ve seen any strange goings-on, that’s what it was.  Just to give you a quick update:

  1. I’ve updated Jeremiah’s commenting system to DISQUS.  There were a number of different options I could have chosen from, but I use DISQUS on my own personal site, and have had zero problems with it.  The goal is to make commenting more interactive and more conversation-like (which is what Jeremiah’s blog is all about, anyway).  Now, you can reply to specific comments and see the progression.  This will also separate comments, trackbacks, and social media reactions for easy viewing.
  2. The “People on the Move” graphic is getting got an overhaul.  Something that goes a little more with the site, and yet sticks out for quick scanning in long content blocks.
  3. The static pages have been updated – Jeremiah’s doing a lot of new stuff, so we have to find a nice home for it on his blog.  The pages Speaking and Media have been added in the navigation at the top of the page.  Check them out – he’s got lots of great stuff to share!
  4. Other smaller CSS / design fixes have been implemented to tighten up the design and make it look as nice as it can (the biggest one being the increased font size).

So, at any rate, I hope you like the changes and the new commenting system (leave your comments on it below and revel in the irony!).  As always any feedback is appreciated.  You can send it directly to me at – I will hopefully get back to you as soon as I can!