People on the Move in the Social Media Industry: June 15, 2009


Despite there being many layoffs in the startup space. I’ve started this post series (see archives) to recognize and congratulate folks who get promoted, move, or accept new exciting positions. Please help me congratulate the following folks:

  • John Yamasaki @jyamasaki on Twitter joned the Seesmic team as a Community Evangelist. Congratz Yama!
  • Stepahnie Agresta joins Porter Novelli as the EVP and Global Director of Digital Strategy and Social Media. Big congrats, and glad she made her blog post about the topic ‘human‘. I’ve known her for a few years now, and am happy to congratulate such a warm, intelligent, and fantastic professional to such a key role. Wishing her the best.
  • This one is a shocker, Steve Bendt who lead some of the innovative social media efforts at retailer Best Buy has decided to join Microsoft, (Catholic guilt and all) his new title will be Social Media Marketing Manager on the Windows team. He’ll be starting in Redmond in early July and I’m sure they’re glad to have such an innovative professional.
  • The Super Rewards team is happy to announce that Julie Craft, has recently joined the team as the Vice President of Marketing and Publisher Relations.
  • I can’t say enough good things about Adam Singer, who is a talented electronica muscian (I’m a fan of his) has decided to TopRank as an Account Manager to serve clients. Congrats on Top Rank who hired a very creative professional that will take them to the next level. Adam be sure to keep up the music!
  • Ripple 6 makes two key hires with Paul DePinto assumes the position of Vice President of Sales East.and Mike Tracy was promoted to Vice President of Sales West.
  • Anthony Cerreta is the Lead Interactive Producer for matrixx. Their recent projects include campaigns for Johnsonville, Schlotzsky’s, and Dippin’ Dots Facebook Fan Page, find him on Twitter, and his blog.
  • InfoGroup hired Bryan Jennewein is now Director of Social Media, find him on LinkedIn too.
  • Jonathan Georger joined the PR Agency, Backbone Media, as Online Brand Manager. congrats
  • Gavin Baker has been appointed to Social Media Manager at Ruby Tuesday, Inc, he’s also on Twitter and says his role splits straight down the characteristics between strategist and community manager. (Sorry Gavin, I forgot to include in first update)
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    If you know folks that are moving up in the social media industry, leave a comment below, or if you’re feeling shy (it’s cool to self-nominate) send me an email. Please include a link to your announcement, and ensure you’re really living and breathing in the social media world –this is not a small aspect of your role.

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    This list, which started with just 8 names continues to grow as folks submit to it. List of Social Computing Strategists and Community Managers for Enterprise Corporations 2008 Social Media Professionals.

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    I’m seeking folks that are related to full time hands on social media strategy and community managers, to be on this list, so let me know if you see these folks, and please submit them –try to include links to announcements on blogs or on the wire. Also, I probably will not include executive management changes on this list at social media companies, as the list would go on and on, but you can feel free to express yourself in the comments!

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    1. I am living and breathing in the social media world, and I am looking for a full time position as a Community Evangelist. I have worked very hard to build a solid network of people in the social media space. I have been fortunate in living in Half Moon Bay which has provided me great opportunities to meet the movers and shakers in the bay area. I also been founding and managing bay area user groups for Adobe and other companies for the past 2 years. The Adobe Fireworks group has almost 400 members from around the world The Adobe Photoshop Usergroup has over 600 members and is less than 6 months old!

      I am looking to join a company that I can help promote and explain to designers, developers, users, small businesses and at trade shows in the bay area and around the world.

      Examples of some of my latest adventures:

      To contact me:

    2. Cool list of movers and shakers. Btw, what about those who have lost their job? Thankfully, there are some websites where people who have been affected by job loss in the current recession could share their anxieties and problems with others having faced similar problems in the past. One website that is interesting is

      I particularly like their punch bag section where one can vent out their anger against their tormentor by virtually ˜punching™ them with a weapon of choice ! That is quite hilarious. Also visited their Forum section where affinity groups can create their own forums

    3. I’m a poor indicator of where the overall market is turning, but the number of social media hires and the hiring of those with social media skillsets is indeed up.

      I think it’s a recognition that social media done right can cut traditional costs, but it requires a full-time person to do so. This is good news for those seeking a career in social media, and bad news for those in more traditional marketing roles who don’t see what’s coming.

      A piece of advice. If you want to break into the industry, you’re best suited to do so from your current company. If they won’t pay you to do so, volunteer your time, and get some experience. Clients are not interested in people without experience, and personal social media can only take you so far. Start thinking how you can solve business problems with social media, and you may be able to create a position, rather than be recruited into one.

    4. Thank you for mentioning Adam’s move to TopRank, Jeremiah. We’re excited to have him and he’s already brought a great mix of energy, insights and social media smarts to our team.

    5. Jeremiah, I’m excited to announce that I’ve just been hired by pfs marketwyse – – as vice president, client relations. The firm is headed by PR and creative marketing pros, published authors, and noted speakers Deirdre Breakenridge-@dbreakenridge-(e.g., Putting the Public back in Public Relations) and Jason Miletsky-@jason_miletsky- (e.g.,Perspectives Series of books, covering Branding and Marketing). The position extends my long-time record of success in traditional marketing into the new media arena. I’m very excited. You can find me on Twitter @juanlulli and am currently updating my various profiles on LinkedIn – and other social network sites. Thanks for putting out the request.

    6. Dean Pedersen, principal at Dialog Social Media Markeing & former Senior Partner & COO at Lisa P. Maxwell, announced Marta R. Leseiko, a seasoned & experienced marketing professional and former marketing entreprenuer, as partner. is a chicago based social media company, that provides the technology that enables companies to leverage social media to facilitate collaboration, increase brand engagement and grow revenue. Among our products are: Custom Social Networking Community Software (build & operate custom communities for internal or external audiences) & viral collective buying software (a versatile and viral way to engage audiences and generate trial & incremental revenue; a viral sales force. Committed to quality & product innovation. OUr services include: Design, Integration, Launch Consulting, Operation & Reporting.

      What defines and differentiates from its competitors? It’s partnership. We take a more relationship-oriented approach, providing each client with a dedicated partnership manager who invests the time to understand each client’s business and culture. We build partnerships because it’s good business. We build partnerships because that’s how we’re built.

      Join Group in LinkedIn: Dialog Social Media Marketing

      Join Group in FB:
      Just Me on Twitter:

      Marta R. Leseiko’s profile on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin/in/martarleseiko
      Dean Pedersen’s profile on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin/in/deanpedersen

      I have been following you and reading your web strategy blog. I enjoy the time you take and the effort you put out to educate, inform and share news, stories, ideas, research in this rapidly emerging space. I thank you! I know how time consuming researching, writing & keeping updated is involved!

      Jeremiah, you should look into our technology (FYI). Replace your existing blog (though powerful and informative) with a custom community that can harness your social capital. It’s empowering!

    7. Jeremiah,

      I wanted to let you know that I’ve joined Ogilvy Public Relations as the VP of Digital Strategy, based in San Francisco. Here is the link to the post on Media Bistro (via PR Newser), complete with the PR Newswire release, video and my first blog post: .

      I’m also hiring for an AE/SAE-level on the Digital Influence team, to be based in San Francisco. Here is the link to the position: .

      Thanks so much!

      Rachel Polish

    8. This cool opportunity just came up at EMC. It’s based in our Pleasanton, CA Office (East Bay Area, San Fran). We’re looking for a Social Media wiz to help represent the face of our CMA division online.

      Check it out here –

    9. The field of social media really has emerged as one of the most promising fields in business today. It is also responsible for creating more available jobs for people.

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