Will You Translate the Future of the Social Web?

A few years ago, before I started at Forrester, I posted why corporate websites are irrelevant, (it’s actually a precursor to this report) and it started to get translated into 10 languages by the community.

A few weeks ago, we launched a report about the Future of the Social Web, and I’d love for it to spread to other languages. I spoke in the Netherlands last week, and the MarketingFacts team translated the highlights into Dutch. If you’d be interested in translating it to your local language, I’ll link to you in the post, and will tweet it out, sending traffic to your site.

You can find the original text on the blog post in American English, which is a few paragraphs of text. I don’t think it’s necessary to translate the graphics, nor the paragraph at the end where I thank folks, but the core essence of the five eras would be great to have in your language.

Update: Within 24 hours, there have been translations in Danish, Spanish, Polish, Russian, and Italian, I’ve put links on the original post.

Within the next 24 hours, translations in French and Czech have come in, and Korean. The third day, we’re now seeing Hebrew translated, thank you.

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  1. we have access to a few different people who help us out from time to time – we’d be happy to help – would you like us to let you know which languages we could do?

  2. Jeremiah, is this inspired by the interview we had about languages?

    For all non Dutch readers, the interview is in English (of course) and I asked Jeremiah about the impact of language on Social networking sites. Since Facebook went from 170k Dutch to about 600k Dutch users in 6 months after introducing the Dutch language, even though almost all Dutch speak English and many still use the English version of Facebook.


  3. Почему подписка еще бесплатная? :))

  4. I would be glad to translate it to brazilian portuguese. Let me know how to get in contact with you to send the official translation and set all things right 😉

  5. Oh, it seems that my website is going through some instability. Please, send me and e-mail or tweet @diegotf and we can set all up =)

  6. Hi Jeremiah,

    Interesting topic and angle. With regard to your question, the answer is a definite yes, and we have been incorporating machine translation as part of our listening/monitoring services for some years. What I wonder is whether translation would garner the same active comments (if any) as its original post. Considering the value of insights that comes with follow-up commentary, I think its an aspect worth observing as the social Web evolves.


  7. Jeremiah, So simple, yet brilliant idea using crowdsourcing. What a great way to spread important content internationally. I think that I will steal¦I mean borrow¦your idea for my blog!

    All the best,

  8. Pablo and everyone

    Wow, I just spent the day offline and come back to all these wonderful messages. Great news. Folks can simply leave the URL here and I’ll cross link.

    I’ve been out of the US for three weeks now (Canada, Netherlands, France) and it’s great exposure for me to learn and think about things from a global perspective.

    Really appreciate everyones help.

  9. I followed your tweets and it sounds like the trip was quite interesting… though you missed sunny Spain: a must in your next trip -and, of course you know who you have to call before coming! 🙂 –

  10. Thanks everyone, I’ve been adding these to the original post, and tweeting it out.

    Other than Korean, there hasn’t been any Asian languages translated, interesting

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  12. These are fantastic everyone, I’ve updated the original post with the German, Hebrew, Indonesian and other translations as well as tweeted it out.

    Thank you.

  13. Огромное человеческое спасибочки !

  14. Огромное СПАСИБО! Этот блог – супер!!!

  15. Hi,Jeremiah Whether it™s a user from Grand Rapids who sent us a SASE and a request for a sticker (I love your service and I use it all the time)

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