Impacts of Tweetups and Ongoing Stewardship

I have the fortunate position of being able to travel quite a bit, and just about every city I go to (just landed in SF a few hours ago from two weeks in Europe), I try to arrange tweetups, sometimes, it’s the first time folks have met, like the one we just had last week in Paris. Often, I get to be the catalyst to kick off tweetups, such as last year in Tampa. The local Tampa news praises Josh (@SIGEPJEDI) someone I’ve gotten to better over the last year, who has really become a community leader in the Tampa space. See how the local news covers his continued community stewardship.

Take for example, I also kicked off the first Maui tweetup, and they’re still getting together, even if it’s just a few folks, often lead by Liza.

I may be able to kick off community events, but it takes the local leaders to continue to steward the community on an ongoing basis. Next week, on June 9th, I’ll be in Seattle for a tweetup with Blake from Visible Technologies, Chris Pirillo, and from Kelby Johnson from Microsoft. I’m doing to try something new at this tweetup, we’re going to try to play the card game Pit, it’s a loud game, and very social.

If your city has never done a Tweetup, take the initiative to lead one. It’s very simple to do, find a place that folks can meet in person, often drinks or dinner is best, but everyone pays their own way. The goal? To meet and greet in person, and solidify the relationships you have from online.

Remember, anyone can drop in an initiate a tweetup, but community stewardship requires ongoing support and evangelism. If your city has never done a tweetup, leave a comment below, and let’s see if we can get kick start it forward with my support –even from a remote location.

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