Get Glue Enters Into The Era of Social Colonization

Video: see Get Glue’s demo reel, embedded above.

Summary: Young startup Get Glue is the early steps of how every product and website will be social –impacting recommendations and marketing. It ushers us into the early steps of the Era of Social Colonization, the third era of five in the evolution of the social web.

[Get Glue is an early example of the Era of Social Colonization –a state when every product, services, and object can have social reviews by people you know]

Last week I spent time with small Get Glue team on a briefing, they were recommended to me from former colleague Charlene Li, so if she suggests something, I’m going to quickly follow up. It’s rare that I would dedicate a blog post to a company from a briefing, but this one is significant.

Get Glue is meta social network, meaning it aggregates the explicit and implicit behaviors of other social networks. Example: If you leave ratings about products on different websites, it will start to aggregate it to one page. What does this mean? It means that Get Glue can aggregate the opinions of your friends about nearly any product.

Early example shows significant impacts to brands

  • Early example, yet not maturity: Although this is focused on media, movie, music, gadgets and more, expect it to grow it’s scope to include services, restaurants, and even enterprise products.
  • Barriers to mainstream adoption It requires users to use a Firefox plugin to enable, so it’s only reaching a limited number of people –and they have to be active in social networks.
  • Recommendations will be aggregated: Soon, every product, webpage, and service will be rated by your friends, and the information will easily be aggregated into one location. Silos break down, as Get Glue is pilfering the reviews from thousands of sites to create a unique database with all the social data.
  • Significant impacts to marketers: You cannot stop this, and marketing as we know it will have to switch to a focus on social recommendations.