Oracle Could Enter The Already Crowded Community Platform Space

A reporter recently sent me two documents that were previously on the Oracle site, and are now deleted. I’ve reviewed them carefully, and they showed an architecture stack that provides community platform features for the internal enterprise, and sits on top of Oracle’s database, and ties with Oracle’s applications.

Information Week has the story, rumors, and links to the PDFs if you want to learn more, about this skunkworks project that was kicked off in Asia. There is some confusion if this product is intended to go to market, but it makes sense for Oracle.

ERP systems haven’t evolved in the last decade, and community is a nice overlay that can impact the whole enterprise –consulting teams can sell change management, and be entrenched in large brands for years, a great play for ERP vendors, and the big consulting shops.

Expect SAP to launch these types of systems, as Microsoft Sharepoint, IBM’s Lotus, already will battle for another software install in their current footprint. They won’t be alone as CMS vendors are already sniffing the sidelines. The lone community platform vendors like Jive, Awareness, Mzinga, Telligent, Blogtronix, all have internal deployments of note, these point systems must quickly integrate with the aforementioned players, or they will get kicked out when the CIO moves in this year.

The enterprise community space is about to get really crowded from community platform vendors, CMS vendors, ERP vendors, and entrenched vendors like Microsoft and IBM. Ill be here to chronicle it all.

5 Replies to “Oracle Could Enter The Already Crowded Community Platform Space”

  1. Internal social networks are the new must have tool in the business aresenal. Expect to see this playing field to explode in the near futer.

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