Walking the Talk: Some Agencies and Vendors Demonstrate Social Media Prowess

Yesterday, Cece, who also blogs about getting laid off, did an analysis of the PR firms that are are –and are not– using social media for their own corporate agency use. It’s surprising that many of the top PR firms didn’t have a corporate presence in their social media –despite that they need to represent the communications for their own clients.

I’ve heard this argument before, the “cobbler’s children” don’t get any self attention as they are too busy helping clients. The counter to this is that in a new media that’s radically different than communications of the past, agencies should be practicing so they can learn how to be better at applying this to their own clients.

This isn’t just limited to PR agencies, I was once pitched when I was the community manager at Hitachi in 2006-7 by agencies to offer a blogging strategy for 100k –yet none of them were currently blogging or had any experience. I made sure that proposal was dumped.

Currently, I get press releases from social media vendors, and often they don’t have a URL, it’s just the release inside of an email. If it’s something important, I’ll share it on twitter and maybe in my digest. There are some vendors that sell social media products and services that make announcements using press releases, without the use of a corporate blog. Going forward, I’ll be mentioning those vendors that aren’t visibly walking the talk –in an industry as new as ours, it’s important to know if they are learning by doing.

Don’t take my word for it, I asked the VP of Marketing, Paula Drum (a social media buyer and decision maker) of HR Block if she would hire an agency that wasn’t using the tools, and she said “no’, read more about it here.