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  1. This is one of many pictures of leaders from the community platform space (yes, competitors) are talking at the industry level at the the Future of the Social Web Roundtable.

    I’m extremely proud of this group, if any industry can collaborate, it’s this one. I didn’t have the right words to express at the time I posted that picture.

    More to come on this event later, I need time to process what happened.

    and um yes, in this case, the table actually is round.

  2. young, fermata

    There were a few (not many) females in the entire group. Lyle Fong, is a young asian guy, as am I, so there was some diversity present.

    But overall, yeah, this is a pretty homogenous group, and I was responsible for inviting about half of them.

    For what it’s worth, I look at people for their minds –not their color.

    (I’m writing this from Tokyo –where the most common race is Asian)

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