Video: How Not to Interview the Tech Community

I never liked getting picked on for being a nerd in Junior High through High School, and nor do I like now, fortunatly, I get paid to be a geek now. 😉

I do enjoy watching a reporter named KTLA’s Eric Spillman, getting called a “Jackass” and his journalistic credibility being questioned after taunting technology lovers on the street by asking them “If they’ve ever seen a naked woman”. Although Eric received an Associated Press Television-Radio Award for “Best Live News Coverage, he clearly has failed the following interview:

What’s interesting to see is that this video (now on Digg) above is now climbing the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for Eric Spillman’s name as well as many blogs citing his name. There’s actually an upside for Eric on this he could use this to gain even more attention from the internet if he plays his cards right, but there is a lesson to be learned. While picking on nerds will always pander to one’s short term ego, it doesn’t pay off in the long term.

Update: Eric has issued an apology, “Mea Culpa, YouTube Viewers” does it seem authentic? He should be apologizing not just to YouTube viewers but the technology audience in general, betta watch out or Steve Jobs will put the hurt on ya! (link via Ryan Ozawa)