Six Social Media Lists to Watch

I create many lists, have been doing this since I started this blog. Why? It helps me to keep track of the industry I’m covering, I can watch it grow, and it’s a reference I can quickly pull up and demonstrate to others who’s doing what well –and wrong.

If you’re in the Finance, Auto, or Insurance industry (or one of your clients is), I recommend forwarding those links to your colleagues, so you can quickly assess the competitive landscape. If you’re leading the charge at your company, show the list of full time social media folks to the key decision makers.

The following six lists have been growing, or show remarkable traction, I wanted to call them out since of them may be older.

1) List of Social Computing Strategists and Community Managers for Enterprise Corporations

When I started this list just last Friday, it had about 8 names on it. Since then, it’s grown to over 60 full time professionals at enterprise size (1000+ employees) that are managing social media programs. Most of the adoption is with the tech industry, with a smattering from media, consumer products, auto and airline.

2) Finance Industry + Social Media
If you’re in the Financial industry and want to see who’s doing what, there’s a small, but growing list of firms engaging social media.

3) Insurance Industry + Social Media

Similiar to the Finance industry, we see patterns of slow adoption, toe-dipping, and the occasional project moving forward to reach customers.

4)Auto Industry + Social Media
Perhaps one of the passionate group of consumers are auto drivers, it creeps into the lifestyle of the American in so many different ways as well as global impact.

5) A Chronology of Brands that Got Punk’d by Social Media

This is the one list of mine that you don’t want to be on. It lists out brands that have been brand jacked by social media. Sadly, it continues to slowly grow.

6) A Complete List of the Many Forms of Web Marketing for 2008

This comprehensive list of all the tools available to you to use for your marketing efforts online is a staple for anyone making decisions or handling budgets at their corporations. I’m not quite sure what to add to it next year in 2009.

If you can submit to any of them, go to that specific post and leave a comment, thanks!