Video: Facebook Gansta is crazy

You’ve noticed I’ve published several other social networking videos last week and a few days before that, but this one really takes the cake.

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Facebook Gangsta (NSFW, Language and Inappropriate scenes, PG 13, but nothing compared to what you see on some folks profiles pages….)

Have a great weekend!

8 Replies to “Video: Facebook Gansta is crazy”

  1. That was awesome, thanks Jeremiah. I love random hiphop/rap videos made from bizarrely vanilla pop culture references. This was almost as good as the Harry Potter rap and the Natalie Portman gangsta skit from SNL.

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  3. o.M.G. i am in love with the real fbg…I posted it on my facebook page, and have watched it non stop for 2 days. this is pure lines..who the f*k is Scottie?, and go back to myspace fools…

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