Taking Social Media Inside Your Clients’ Intranet

I just learned that one of our premiere clients has asked us to write a blog for their employees intranet. This means, we’d create specialized content just for them, personalized (un)syndicated content, interesting.

The objective? To develop a relationship with them, talk with them (not just at) to learn, grow, and share. This is unique, as many social media tools are deployed for marketing reasons, and often in public. So what’s to come of this?

I know we’re not the only ones doing this, as some companies have exclusive blogs, forums, podcasts for their partners or customers within secured extranets.

Our project has yet to be implemented, we’ll provide an update when we learn more. Do you know of any case studies where a third party company has deployed private social media tools inside of a client/partners secured intranet? I’m curious to know more.