TV is Participatory: Live Tweeting the Academy Awards

With the success of the Twitterbowl experiment (read the premise or view results) a few weeks ago, the Twitter community is self-organizing to make TV a participatory sport.

How? Those on Twitter can comment, discuss, praise or criticize the stars, their outfits, and their self-important speeches. It’s pretty easy to do, on twitter you can type in Twitter Comment the phrase “#aa08”

To see what others have said:

Watch this blog
Or this mashup tool Eventrack
Twemes has a tool to gauge AA08

Thanks to Ike Pigott (Twitter, blog), and Shannon Whitley (Twitter, Blog) for first alerting me to this little project. Craig Cmehil (Twitter, Blog)created the eventrack

You can find me at Twitter with the screen name jowyang, add me, and I’ll add you back.