Understanding My Coverage Area

I really appreciate all the briefing requests that are coming in from the many companies in the social media industry. It feel as if the frequency of requests are increasing. Unfortunately, as much as I would want to, I can only be briefed by companies that I’m covering for my reports –any more, is just not feasible for my schedule.

My main coverage area is Social Networks (organic like Facebook, Bebo or the White label versions), Widgets, and companies that have deployed marketing campaigns. These should be external or public versions, not one for intranets/extranets (enterprise web).

The role I serve is the Interactive Marketer, and it’s my job to help them make great decisions, and brush off the hype. Successful briefings tend to be with companies that have a story to tell, have several successes under their belt (often a few large clients) and are really past the ‘seed’ stage. I appreciate your self-filtering as the industry advances.

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  1. Greetings Jeremiah. Ever heard of the email/share this widget service Siphs.com? They allow private branding and their widget works great both on sites and on a browser toolbar (at least in Firefox). They also create linkblogs, most shared posts, and things like that.

    One of their co-founders (Arpan) is helping out the DataPortability.org effort as well. He’s a bit bashful about promoting his own company, so I’m helping him do so 🙂

    I think Siphs could play a role in the soon-to-be “social email” world (as Yahoo Mail and Gmail get more social). Siphs is small and nimble (just two people) and have shown the ability to adapt to give their customers the features they request.

    Here’s the URL if you want to check it out…

  2. Hey mate yeh i was wonderin if you might know how to check the network coverage of the area that your in while been online
    seem to be havin a few complications with my internet starting to slowly

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