You can follow me on Twitter (my handle is jowyang) and I’ll add you back. Update: as of summer 2008, I’m no longer able to keep up with the additions. I’m slowing my ability to add folks, so please forgive if it takes time to do. I’ve updated the title of this post as not to be misleading.

If you enjoy this blog, and are craving for more information, then you may want to follow me on Twitter. Although I’ve already outlined how I use Twitter, from time to time, I like to highlight the benefits that you’ll have by interacting:

  • I post supplemental links on my Twitter feed to things around social media, marketing, and sometimes personal interests. You’ll often see a flurry in the morning as I crawl through content as I pay myself first.
  • I’ve stopped publishing my Google Reader link blog as I can now point to anything (not just items on my feedreader) and provide additional context (well, in less than 140 characters)
  • We have conversations: I ask questions there on twitter, and we get into interesting conversations, polls, and surveys. And when you think I’m wrong (which happens) people will let me know, and I we get into some even more interesting conversations.
  • When there are real-time events on the web, I’ll alert people there, but not from my blog, so if you’re not watching, you may miss out.
  • I’m high volume, and tweet way over a dozen times a day, so that’s a pre-warning.
  • Not sure what Twitter is? It’s a next-generation chat room that spills over to mobile devices. Why does it matter? conversations, ideas, and news often breaks there before it does on blogs, and often before traditional news. There are many influencers there (that publish on other mediums), and relationships are being formed.

    You can follow me on Twitter (my handle is jowyang) and I’ll add you back (In fact I’m following 3,872 although only 3416 are following me)

    If you are on twitter and want to connect with other readers of this blog, leave your handle below in the comments so we can all connect. Let’s build community. (A much larger list is here)

    Update: In the comments Jose Luis suggests that I’m pushing Twitter to hard on my readers, I’ve heard this before in previous feedback. Let me say first that Twitter is NOT for everyone, but those that want to be part of the early influencer conversation should look there. It’s true there is more noise than signal, but when the signal does occur, it often cascades to many other mediums.