The thing about Data

Apparently the industry is starved for hard core data and facts, as I received quite a bit of positive feedback about the numbers I published yesterday.

It’s really important to point out the strength and weaknesses of data. Data is certainly useful in decision making (and running decisions up the flag pole, or proving one’s programs are achieving success) but at the other hand, too much focus on data alone is a detriment.

Without insight, context, and analysis, data itself is a crutch, and remember the numbers only indicate what has happened, and sometimes point to what could happen.

So in the end, you’ll need to find a 360 view of the landscape before applying data, insight, experience, and analysis (what it means) to your web decision making process. In some cases the most brilliant avante garde strategists ignore the data and go off instinct for truly remarkable results.

Just a quick note on perspective my friends: remember to think holistic.