Recognizing the Affiliate Family

Linda and Shawn were up in arms that Affiliate Marketing didn’t receive it’s own sub bullet in the recently published The Many Forms of Web Marketing for 2008. I don’t blame them, this is a core form of marketing that they’ve built their business on, so it deserves it’s own bullet as it’s unique from advertising. Affiliate marketing is really about working with partners to help market or even sell your products. Think of how authors often put the Amazon widget on their blog to sell their book –in hopes they get a small residual.

Of course, there are criticism of this type of marketing, as some companies may work with content partners to strategically place products next to articles, sometimes not in full transparency according to this definition in Wikipedia. For anyone selling a product, idea, or service, you’ll want that product to be seen by the folks that are interested in it, and it’s really a tactic to extend the reach of your current product.

I’ve since added the Affiliate marketing in it’s own section in 4F on the Complete List of the Many Forms of Web Marketing, thanks to Shawn for his input into the definition. Also, I hope it’s clear to you all that I’m actively listening and want to improve –although I may not always agree– your opinions are heard and acknowledged.

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  1. Hi Jeremiah, thanks for adding affiliate marketing, we appreciate it. I hope the email I sent about your request for a definition was helpful. In attempting to answer your 3 questions I ended up writing a book (sorry). I’ll probably end up turning that into a post about all this, since it contained some important info and stats.

    Thanks again!

  2. Yes I agree, because I a success of your affiliate business on how you cooperate on your partners and how you share your idea and knowledge for each other. As a partner you must consider the plan of each other because it will help you business grow well.

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