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Left: Interview on Bloomberg TV on Facebook’s funding, click to view

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“Future of Internet” Techcrunch TV, July 2012

Press Here, Jan 2014

Press:Here: April 24, 2011

NBC Interview on “Press:Here“: Jan 22, 2011

Chronology of Media Mentions:


USA Today, April 5
YouTube’s relationship with creators, the source of so much success, has been turbulent

Silicon Angle’s The Cube (Video), April 2
Amazon Web Services

Tech Startups, Apr 2
Exploring Blockchain use cases beyond Bitcoin and financial services

USA Today, Mar 24
How to delete all those Facebook apps you have

Adotas, Jan 19
The Internet of Trusted Things: Blockchain as the Foundation for Autonomous Products & Ecosystem Services

FinExtra, Jan 16
Millennials Choose Bitcoin Over Bonds

Barron’s, Jan 13
The Long Road Ahead for Self-Driving Vehicles

MarketingLand, Jan 11
New report: The Internet of Things and blockchain tech are made for each other

MediaPost, Jan 8
Why IoT Requires Advertisers To Use Blockchain

IoT Business News, Jan 8
The Internet of Trusted Things

Barron’s, Jan 8
No Fear, Loathing in Vegas in Driverless Car

Barron’s, Jan 6
Why Tech’s Big Show Still Matters to Investors


WCPO, June 20
Cintrifuse brings corporate innovation champ Jeremiah Owyang to town to share his insights

Cloudtech, June 17
How blockchain technologies are set to transform 10 industries

Inc, June 14
Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin: How Blockchain Will Transform Business in 3 to 5 Years

Forbes, Mar 3
Is Your Business Unsinkable? Think Again

Forbes, Feb 24
Jeremiah Owyang: Why Companies Need An Innovation Program

Target Marketing. Feb 10
Brands be like Nordstrom

Fast Company, Jan 10
The first study of self driving cars shows they’re safer

VentureBeat, Jan 10
Auto industry goes head-to-head with Silicon Valley’s self-driving innovators


NPR, Dec 28
The Sharing Economy from idle assets to billion dollar busineses

Wharton, Dec 11
The Sharing Economy splits into new Markets

CNBC, Dec 10
Uber ruling may reverberate into Silicon Valley

Forbes, Dec 8
When the Crowd Becomes a Company

CNBC, Dec 8
Who’s your Uber Driver? Survey shows more are women

Engineering. Nov 30
Crowd Sourcing? There Goes Your Engineering Job

Forbes, Nov 20
The Five Marketing Trends CMOs Can No Longer Ignore In 2016

Forbes, Nov 12
Oracle’s Safra Catz: How To Thrive During Disruptive Times

eMarketer, Nov 12
Is the Sharing Economy a Retail Disruptor?

Triple Pundit, Nov 12
How Platform Co-ops Can Beat Death Stars Like Uber to Create a Real Sharing Economy

HuffPo, Nov 10
How the Sharing Economy Can Create Value from Waste

Bloomberg, Nov 10
The Rise of Airbnb’s Full-Time Landlords

HBR, Nov 2
How the Sharing Economy Can Improve Your Next Business Trip

WSJ, Oct 15
Why the Sharing Economy isn’t a Boon for the Little Guy

CNBC, Oct 14
Uber edges into on-demand delivery with small businesses

TriplePundit, Oct 5th
Report: Collaborative Economy Has Opportunities for All Companies

Forbes, Oct 5th
Jeremiah Owyang: How The Collaborative Economy Impacts The Future Of Work

VentureBeat, Oct 5th
3 ways brands can compete with the sharing economy

CNBC, Sept 10th
Uber dealt another blow in labor ruling

SFGate, Aug 19
Would you let a service drive your kids? Some parents already do

Chicago Tribune, Aug 7
Would you let a service drive your kids?

WSJ, July 24th
The Continuing Evolution of the On-Demand Economy

Simply Communicate, July 23rd
Beyond Sharing – the Collaborative Economy

CNBC, July 13
In economic address, Hillary Clinton calls out ‘gig’ economy

TIME, July 10
You’re Doing ‘Shadow Work’ for Big Companies–Whether You Want To or Not

Houston Chronicle, July 3
Heavy hitters enter crowdfunding space

VentureBeat, June 4
The sharing economy has created 17 billion-dollar companies (and 10 unicorns)

GoLocalPDX, April 28
The Future of Portland’s Shared Economy

Energy Priorities, April 28
Crowdsourcing Successes Force Utilities to Consider their Role in a Sharing Energy Economy

SV411, May 22
Digital Feudalism: How Technology and the Collaborative Economy are Deconstructing America

Enterprise Irregulars, May 20
The enterprise technologies to watch in 2015

Fast Company, May 8
Can Tech Startups Appease Wall Street While Achieving Their Social Mission?

SFGate, March 20
Meow Mix crowdsources ideas for cat products

AdWeek, March 12
9 Pieces of Sage Advice From SXSW Veterans Who Have Seen It All

Chief Security Officer, March 9
What does the collaborative economy mean for information security?

Tech Economy, March 4
Sharing according to Jeremiah Owyang: a must for the survival of corporations (also in Italian)

Venturebeat, Feb 23
Lyft’s two big goals for great advertising: consumer education and high performance

Wall Street Journal, Feb 20
Weekend Read: Liberals and Conservatives Both Love and Loathe the Sharing Economy

VentureBeat, Feb 17
The mobile technology stack for the Collaborative Economy

Forbes, Feb 1
How Can The Collaborative Economy Create New Local Job Markets

ADVFN Financial News, Jan 31
Looking Down the Road at Uber

CMSWire, Jan 26
Community Management: Impacting Organizational Change #CMAD

Zdnet, Jan 26
How Digital Collaboration Will Evolve in 2015

AGC Partners, Jan 12
Collaborative Economy Investor Premise, PDF

Tri City News, Jan 5
The year ahead: Top 5 technology trends for Tri-City businesses

SupplyChainBrain, Jan 5
Happy New Year. Are You Ready for the Sharing Economy?

Herald Sun, Jan 5
Companies must learn to collaborate with the crowd as digital and physical worlds join


WAMDA, Dec 21
4 trends from LeWeb that could make waves in the Arab world in 2015

World Economic Forum, Dec 18
5 ways the collaborative economy is evolving

HP Enterprise, Dec 14
The sharing economy: Lessons for the enterprise

Coindesk, Dec 13
How Cryptocurrency Could Change the Sharing Economy

T3N, Dec 12
Die 5 wichtigsten Trends der Share-Economy [LeWeb 2014]

Marketing Land, Dec 11
2015 Mobile/Location-Based Marketing Predictions From 10 Experts

Techcrunch, Dec 11
Your Company’s Future Depends On Sharing

Insight as a Service, Dec 11
Jeremiah Owyang: The updated and expanded map of the Collaborative Economy

L’OBS, Dec 9 (French)
Oubliez Airbnb : l’économie du partage va s’étendre bien au-delà

Hubspot, Dec 9
What the Collaborative Economy Means to Marketers [Infographic]

EConsultancy, Dec 9
How the sharing economy will develop in 2015

French Web, Dec 9 (French)
L’économie collaborative va se développer dans tous les secteurs

SF Chronicle, Nov 25
Startup lets people rent out their cameras, TVs, drones

Forbes, Nov 20
New Ways To Embrace The Power Of The Crowd

Huffington Post, Nov 14
The Right to Share (Rides, Rooms and More)

SF Gate, Nov 12
Portal helps sharing-economy workers find and manage gigs

Forbes, Nov 11
Up-Skilling HR Is The First Domino To Performance Gains

USA Today, Nov 9
Tripda takes the collegiate ride board online

WSJ, Oct 28
Jeremiah Owyang: The Ups and Downs of Crowd-Based Resources

Forbes, Oct 15
Why The Collaborative Economy Is Changing Everything

Flip The Media, Oct 15
Crowds, Companies and Empowerment to the People: Jeremiah Owyang at Seattle Interactive

Geekwire, Oct 15
Lessons from the King of Denmark

Forbes, Oct 7
How To Make The Most Of The Sharing Economy

Entrepreneur, Sep 30th
27 Masters of Marketing and PR Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From

Ad Week, Sep 26
6 Clues That Google Will Turn Uber Into a Self-Driving Home Delivery Service

Phoneix Biz Journal, Sep 16
How collaboration is changing the economy

ZDnet, Sep 12
From startups to big box stores, retailers rethink tools for Internet of Things

VentureBeat, Aug 27
Here’s what Silicon Valley can learn from good old Midwestern values

GreenBiz Aug 14
Owyang: Greening corporations via the collaborative economy

Forbes, Aug 11
Don’t sell to your customers, share with them.

SF Chronicle, Aug 6
Near Me offers platform for sharing-economy marketplaces

WSJ, July 28
Startups Uber and Airbnb Court Business Travelers

SF Chronicle, July 28
Near Me offers platform for sharing-economy marketplaces

American Genius, July 25
Why entrepreneurs must understand the collaborative economy

SF Chronicle, July 22
Homejoy hikes housecleaning rates

NYT, July 18
From Mass Production to Mass Individualism

Marketplace, July 16
Bike-sharing’s big problem: missing bikes

JDN, July 14
BlaBlaCar lève 100 millions de dollars (French)

Economist, July 12
The AntiSocial Networks

SFGate, July 5
More hotels innovate with meeting spaces

JDN, July 1
French: Collaborative economy review

Clean Technica, June 6
Sustainable Brands 2014: adapting to the Sharing Economy

MarketWatch, May 23
The unique risks of ‘sharing economy’ companies

WSJ, May 22
Investing Give and Take In The Sharing Economy

Next City, May 21
This Cool Honeycomb Beautifully Breaks Down the Sharing Economy

SF Chronicle, May 13
S.F. conference brings sharing economy into spotlight

Deloitte: May 4
Big companies now have a hand in the collaborative economy

NYT: May 3
Loans that Avoid Banks

CIO, April 24
How the Collaborative Economy Will Change the Way You Do Business

WSJ, April 23
Jeremiah Owyang: The Collaborative Economy Will Double This Year

Central Desktop, April 23
How marketers must adapt to the collaborative economy

Forbes, April 22
Inflated Tech Valuations Bloat The Entire Economy

WSJ, April 16
Ryan Holmes: Social Media Jumpstarted the Sharing Economy

B2C, April 14
Social and Business Collaboration: A Human Science

Pro Bono Australia, March 26
Profiling the Sharing Economy

San Jose Mercury, March 20
Airbnb’s $10 billion value a sign of sharing-economy momentum

Salon, March 14
“Sharing economy” shams: Deception at the core of the Internet’s hottest businesses

VentureBeat, March 14
Why your company needs to wake up to the collaborative economy

Harvard, March 4
Established Companies, Get Ready for the Collaborative Economy

Fast Company, March 3
The Collaborative Economy Is Exploding, And Brands That Ignore It Are Out Of Luck

PC World, Feb 25
New York City makes room for Breather: Airbnb for work

Greenbiz, Feb 25
How 3-D printing trends drive sustainability outcomes

ClickZ, Jan 24
$4 Million for 30 Seconds — Will Brands Continue Scoring with #Hashtags After the Big Game?

Forbes, Jan 20
Sharing Economy Offers Business Travelers More Options (and Hassles)

Entrepreneur, Jan 15
Survey: Email Is 40 Times More Effective Than Facebook and Twitter

B2C, Jan 12
The Collaborative Economy and Disruption: Understanding Drivers

Forbes, Jan 3
Profiting from a Collaborative Economy


HuffPo, Dec 31
2014 — The Year Innovation Finally Funnels into Your Business?

B2C, Dec 26
Jeremiah Owyang, Robert Scoble and the Proletarian on Social Media

Wired, Dec 10th
The Next Big Thing You Missed: The Sharing Economy Goes Corporate

CNet, Dec 10th
A discussion via Q&A with myself on the collaborative economy

Forbes, Oct 23
Google Driverless Car: Why You Will Probably Never Own One

GreenBiz, Oct 15
How any company can join the collaborative economy

The Verge, Oct 10
Door-to-door war: how Amazon ignited a boom in same-day delivery services

Morning News USA, Oct 8
Sharing Economy under Scrutiny as New York Attorney General Subpoenas Airbnb

Reuters, Oct 7
Airbnb says New York probe risks customers’ privacy

TIME, Oct 7
Airbnb’s Woes Show How Far the Sharing Economy Has Come

Direct Marketing News, Oct 2
Sharing is Caring

LA Times, Sept 19
PUC gives a nod to Uber, Lyft, other ride-sharing services

Entrepreneur Magazine, Sep 11
How Your Business Can Get in on the Sharing Economy

Business2Community, Sep 4
The Collaborative Economy: Our Connectedness for Global Good

AdWeek, Aug 27
Zipar’s Customer Services Gets Horrible Reviews

WSJ, Aug 16th
The Sharing, Collaborative Economy

Financial Times, Aug 8
Online businesses promoting a ‘sharing economy’ face a regulatory backlash

Financial Times, Aug 7
Start-ups: Shareholder societies

Forbes, Aug 7
Is Airbnb The Next eBay, Uber The Next Amazon?

Marketing Profs, Aug 6
Digital Marketers on Twitter: What They Share, Whom They Retweet

The Next Web, Aug 6
Here’s why a war has started between Chinese Internet giants Tencent and Alibaba

Fast Company, Aug 2
Where Skeptics Fear to Tread

Forbes, Aug 1
HootSuite Lands $165 Million Financing For Social Media Management

GreenBiz, Jul 31
Jeremiah Owyang: Sharing makes for sustainable business

Huffington Post, Jul 30
Share Experiences That Spur Buying, Loyalty and Learning

Forbes, Jul 30
What Is The New Sharing Economy? 

Sustainable Industries, Jul 30
Dark side of the sharing economy

ZDNet Jul 29
While most companies weren’t looking, social business remade the economy

Bloomberg, Jun 25th
Video Interview: Can the Sharing Economy be a new normal?

MediaBistro, Jun 17
Citigroup Is In The Bike Sharing Business, Is It Now Responsible For Any Of The Program’s Shortcomings?

B2C: Jun 15th
Your Team is Bigger Than You Think: Small Business and the Collaborative Economy

Sustainable Industries, Jun 10
Report: Big companies must embrace trends towards collaboration

Huffington Post, May 31
WATCH: Brands in the Sharing Economy

Information Week, May 30th
HootSuite Fights Social Media Account Takeovers

Huffington Post, May 28th
For Sharing Economy Start-Ups, a New, Social Currency

AdWeek, May 27
Marketers Need to Embrace Peer-to-Peer Activities The sharing economy

NY Newsday, May 27
MasterCard scans social media, calls itself a ‘tech company’

Leaderpost, May 25
Google Glass faces foggy future over privacy

Silicon Valley Business Journal, May 22
Sharing economy: Where it’s booming (Video)

SocialTimes May 20
6 Potential Barriers to the Success of Google Glass

BusinessRecord May 17
Going social during a tragedy

Memeburn, May 14
Shared Economy may be the future of retail and selling of services

Digiday, May 10
Where Brands Struggle In Social

Brand Channel, April 18
Tweet the Beat: Twitter Launches Twitter #Music in Bid to Build Multimedia Platform

NYT, Apr 17
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do 

CNN, Apr 17
Can Twitter become a multimedia powerhouse?

Network World. Apr 15
Facebook affirms its privacy commitment with national campaign

CFO World, Apr 15
Facebook affirms its privacy commitment with national campaign

CMS Wire, Apr 10
Social Business is Still Early Days; Major Disruption Headed Our Way #mus13

Inside Retail, Apr 4
How Nike keeps jumping the curve

USA Today, March 27
Flipboard app adds ‘personal magazine,’ search features 

The Next Web, Mar 21
The future of social: Beyond Facebook and Twitter, with Jeremiah Owyang [Video]

Fast Company, Mar 20
The Art Of Writing Your Own Bio: How To Toot Your Horn Without Sounding Like A Blowhard

Triangle Business Journal, Mar 19
Analyst: Facebook revenue, headcount rank atop social-media hierarchy

Social Daily, Mar 18
Facebook Revenue Was $1.1 Million Per Employee In 2012

AdWeek Mar 17
Having a PR Crisis? There’s Probably an App for That

MIT Review, Mar 15
Google Searches Beyond Ad Words

ComputerWorld, Mar 12
SXSW 2013: No new Twitter, but marketing and hardware stand out

B2B Marketing, Mar 4
Social media marketing reaches maturity 

TechNewsWorld, Feb 21
Google Provides a Clearer View of Glass

PC World, Feb 20th
Twitter calls for smarter password habits following Jeep, Burger King hacks

Macworld, Feb 20th
Twitter calls for smarter password habits following Jeep, Burger King hacks

CMS Wire, Feb 11th
Altimeter: How 4 Leading Brands Scale Social Business

SFGate, Feb 5
Twitter has big Super Bowl Sunday

Forbes, Feb 5
Super Bowl Data: 75% Of Brands Integrated Social Into Ads

Lost Remote, Feb 5
Super Bowl smashes social TV records

Mashable, Jan 28
The future of community management

FETCH Blog, Jan 28

eConsultancy, Jan 28
Q&A: Jeremiah Owyang on Community Manager Appreciation Day

B2C, Jan 28
7 Ways to be a Better Community Manager

Mashable, Jan 27
10 Qualities of an Effective Community Manager

PEHub, Jan 15
Enterprise Social Media Startups Struggle for Exits But Attract VCs

The Next Web, Jan 13
Ask the Experts on Startups

CITE World, Jan 8
Considering a social business vendor? Ask these questions about funding

CMSWorld, Jan 7
Hiring a Social Business Vendor? Ask About Their Funding


On planned sabattical Oct 15-Dec 31.

CMS Wire, Oct 26
Cisco Sees and Hears Social Media at New Listening Center

Brand Channel, Oct 26
Salesforce Social Marketing Cloud Bursts as Radian6, Buddy Media Hit Storm

VentureBeat, Oct 25
Hold the phone! Amid routine layoffs, Buddy Media is no ‘money pit

HR Magazine, Oct 19
Harness the corporate digital footprint

Business Excellence, Oct 18
Digital Footprints

CMS Wire, Oct 17
Getting Fuzzy: The Line Between Social, Big Data and Predictive Analytics

Vegas Inc, Oct 10
Social networking: Technology is key to business success

ZDNet, Oct 10
Did Oracle just shoot itself in the face at Ford?

Mercury News, Oct 10
O’Brien: Why Twitter IPO prospects might be more fantasy than reality

B2C Community, Oct 4
How to Avoid & Tackle Social Media Proliferation (Review of an Altimeter Report)

The Age, Aug 24
Does Klout really pack a punch? Questions remain over social ranking site

SF Gate, Aug 22 tries to be alternative network

USA Today, Aug 22
Gannett buys social-media ad company Blinq Media

ZDNet, Aug 20
Research: Spotlight on social media risk management

MediaPost, July 30th
Search in a World of Converged Media

TechNewsWorld, July 26
New Kid on K Street: The Internet Association

NYT, July 25
How Crucial Is the Celebrity Effect for Start-Ups?

CNN Money, July 23
Here come the Tweeting Robots

iMedia Connection, July 18
How to integrate your paid, owned, and earned media

Technology Review by MIT, July 18
Why Did Reddit Succeed Where Digg Failed?

Bloomberg, July 16
Citigroup Asks Facebook Users If They’d Like Social Banking

This Week in Tech, July 11
Google Glass, What’s your Number?

PC World, July 11
In Pursuit of Business Plan, Twitter Riles Developers

InformationWeek, July 10
Guide To The Online World, Circa 1995

Tech News World, June 29
Google’s I/O: Perfect Blend of Substance and Spectacle?

B2B Magazine, June 22
‘BtoB’s’ Leading Edge: Developing a social plan vital

Financial Times, June 21
How Shell was hijacked in ad hoax

CNN, June 21
Predictive tech: An Orwellian nightmare in the making?

MemeBurn, June 20
Social media tools, scale, automation and world domination [LeWeb]

FreeTimes, June 16
Twitter’s First TV Ad Features NASCAR Driver

All Facebook, June 8
Do Automated Facebook Responses Defeat The Purpose?

Techcrunch, June 7
Brands Start Automating Social Media Responses On Facebook And Twitter

MediaPost, June 6
Social Setbacks

Forbes, May 17
Facebook Ads, to Like or not to Like

SF Gate, May 4
Zuckerberg’s Facebook IPO to Make Him Richer Than Steve Ballmer

Mashable, May 4
Why Automating Social Media Marketing Could Hurt Facebook

BusinessWeek, May 4
Zuckerberg Facebook IPO to Make Him Richer Than Ballmer

InformationWeek, April 23
Bazaarvoice Adds SAP, Integration

Adage, Apr 23
Social Media Advertising Is Set to Explode. Who Will Control It?

SFGate, Apr 23
Ad-supported software reaches specialized audience

BusinessWeek, Apr 19
Coming Soon to Your Desktop at Work: Ads

Fast Company, Apr 17
Why Agencies Are Going The Way Of The Dodo

B2C, Apr 10
5 Tips To Start Strategic Intelligence Research On Social Media

B2B Digital Edge, April 9
Digital Edge Live: Surround customers with social, content

PC World, Mar 29
Google Enables Third-party Apps in Video Hangouts

Search Marketing News, Mar 29
Twitter Bug Causes Unfollows

Telegraph, Mar 29
Twitter admins Unfollow Bug

B2B Marketing, Mar 28
Clearing away the social clutter with focus, coordination

Techcrunch, Mar 28
Coping with Twitter’s Unfollow Bug

iMedia Connection, Mar 27
How paid, owned, and earned are becoming one

B2B Magazine, Mar 20
‘BtoB’ Digital Edge Live: Control the social mess before it controls you

Discovery News, Mar 16
Which Apps Might Outlive SXSW

Bloomberg, Mar 15
Kevin Rose’s Road to Google

Dallas City Biz, Mar 14
Dachis Group Kicks Off 2012 Social Business Summit Global Series with Debut Summit in Austin

AdRants, Mar 13
SXSW: Social Media Comes of Age Without Help From Porn

B2C, Mar 5
The 6 C’s For Making Your Enterprise More Social

Bloomberg, Feb 29
Facebook Marketing Boom Fuels Social-Advertising Startup Demand

My Customer, Feb 17
Social business moving beyond experimentation but still “heating up”

Computer World, Feb 16
Apple’s Mountain Lion share menu lacks Facebook option

Business Insider, Feb 13
Achieving the Promise of Social Business

The Star Phoenix, Feb 11
Measure twice, cut once good social media rule

Forbes, Feb 9
Google+’s Success and Failure, in Two Images

Marketing Facts (Dutch) Feb 8
Wat merken kunnen leren van de Super Bowl

USA Today, Feb 7
Super Bowl Ad Meter winner: Score one for the Doritos baby

USA Today, Feb 7
Super Bowl ad buzz: What people said on social network

International Business Times, Feb 6
Super Bowl 2012 Twitter Statistics: Two New Records Set After Giants vs. Patriots

BusinessWeek, Jan 27
Twitter Gives Itself Added Flexibility in Censoring Messages

Forbes, Jan 25
Why Every CMO Should Celebrate #CMAD

BusinessInsider, Jan 25
How To Avoid Community Manager Burn Out

MediaBistro, Jan 25
9 Ways To Celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day

OC Metro, Jan 25
What is a Community Manager?

Media News Line, Jan 18
Social Media Accounts and Conversations on the Rise

eMarketer, Jan 18
Social Media Accounts and Conversations on the Rise

The Huffington Post, Jan 16
Corporations at Risk From Social Media Adoption Issues

Business2Community, Jan 11
Warning: Social Media Marketing Risks

Womma, Jan 11
The Elusive Comprehensive SMMS Provider

Corp Comms Magazine, Jan 10
Large firms juggle multiple accounts

Read Write Web, Jan 10
How to take control over social media proliferation

BizReport, Jan 10
Companies struggle to manage masses of social media accounts

Forbes, Jan 9
Forbes: Managing Social Media Chaos: A Leadership Priority, Jan 9
Report: Companies average 178 social media accounts

Warc, Jan 9
Brands face social test

Social Media Today, Jan 9
Altimeter Report Points to Need for Social Media Management Systems

Brafton News, Jan 9
Businesses need to simplify social media marketing

Social Business News, Jan 8
Social Business Report: 7 Posts You Can’t Miss

SmartBrief, Jan 6
Have you fallen prey to social media proliferation?

Marketing Charts, Jan 6
Enterprise Companies Overload on Social Media, Average 178 Account

Social Media Today, Jan 6
Social Media Management Software Ranked and Rated

MediaPost, Jan 5
Companies Struggle To Manage Social Media

Read Write Web, Jan 4
New Models for Web Publishing

Econsultancy, Jan 4
The End of Tech Blogging?

MediaPost, Jan 2
Sprinklr Pioneers Social Media Management


Forbes, Dec 29
Yes, Virginia, There Really is a Social Web

BoingBoing, Dec 28
The golden age of journalists noticing new blogs is over

Marketing Times, Dec 27
Social Media Marketing Of The Future

MemeBurn, Dec 15
Five ways to prepare for a social media crisis

PC World, Dec 14
Is Google’s Big Bet on Google+ Too Risky?

My Customer, Dec 12
Six social media lessons from 2011

EConsultancy, Dec 8
Altimeter’s Owyang releases State of Social Business Report

Bloomberg, Nov 30
Dirtiest Web Jobs Increasing With Outrageous Spontaneous Expression: Tech

NYT, Nov 28
This Week In Small Business: What Would Canada Do?

Search Content Management, Nov 22
Prepare a formal enterprise social media strategy for business success

Search Engine Watch, Nov 10
The Digital Path to Social Media Success

MyCustomer, Nov 10
What will Google+ Pages mean for your social media strategy?

USA Today, Nov 9
Coke is a winner on Facebook, Twitter

CMS Wire, Nov 8th
A Year in the Life of a Social Media Strategist

MyCustomer, Oct 27
Community managers: In-house resource or outsourced service?

Information Weekly, Oct 24
Can Google+ Become A Biz Collaboration Tool?

Business 2 Community, Oct 20
Be Prepared to Manage Social Media Risks

Social Times, Oct 20
Google+ Games: Analysis and Opportunities

TMC Net, Oct 3
8 Ways to Subtly Connect Online

LA Times, Sept 23
Facebook spawns network of ad partners

Fast Casual, Sept 20
Foodservice Social Media: Learn, talk, advocate, support and innovate

IT Business Edge, Sept 8
Can Make Chatter Epicenter of Enterprise Collaboration?

Mercury News, Sept 1
Facebook Spawning Network of Ad Partners

Bloomberg, Aug 30
Yelp Scales Back Deal Service in Crowded Field

Reuters, Aug 26
Facebook ending Deals product after four-month test

Bloomberg, Aug 18
New IPO for Social-Network Software Has Jive Rivaling

Fortune, Aug 16
Facebook: Google+ has no users

eWeek, Aug 14
Google+ Seeks to Undercut Facebook on Games Fees

TechNewsWorld, Aug 10
Messaging App Moves Users Closer to Facebook, Further From Phone Numbers

IT Business Edge, Aug 2
Yes, Social Media Metrics MatterŽ

Financial Times, July 19
Credit is due as media embraces Facebook

Tech News World, July 19
Good Little Google Readers to Get Virtual Gold Stars

Business Insider, July 15
5 Daily Habits Of Powerhouse Leaders

Business 2 Community, July 10
Why Social Media Isn’t Just Another Marketing Tactic

USAToday, July 8
Pros, cons of Facebook’s new video chat

Mashable, July 5
5 Tips for Creating More Efficient Social Media Processes

Computer World, July 5
5 hot social networking sites

New York TImes, July 5
Zuckerberg Finds Fans on Google+

Mashable, July 5
5 Tips for Creating More Efficient Social Media Processes

New York Times, June 26
Got Twitter? You’ve Been Scored

Fast Company, June 22
Is Your Business Anti Social

Click Z, June 16
Social CRM The Future Is Now

Yelp’s elite, epicurean force of totally free labor
MSNBC Today News, June 16

BusinessWeek, June 2
Yelp’s Online Reviewing Mafia

Business Insider, June 2
5 Reasons Why Dell Is The World’s Most Social Company

Search Engine Watch, May 26
Email: The Gateway Drug to Mobile

Huffington Post, May 11
Microsoft Bets It’s Online Future on Skype

Mediapost, May 9
Shape Mobile Strategy To Customer Lifecycle

Retail Customer Experience, May 6
Altimeter’s Jeremiah Owyang pinpoints retail’s sweet spot

Mashable, April 18
RIP Yahoo Buzz

1 to 1 Media, Apri 14
How to Succeed at Social Commerce

CNN, April 13
Leading app maker said to be planning Twitter competitor

Mashable, Apr 9
Why Users Are More Engaged With Social Media on Fridays

Google Watch, Apr 8
Google’s Page Can’t by Social Love

Business Insider, Apr 8
If Your Product Isn’t “Cool” To Begin With, A Social Media Agency Will Do Squat

B2B Magazine, Apr 6
Getting real about social media budgeting

PC World, March 31
Experts: Google’s +1 Has Minuses

WSJ, March 31
Social Software for Business No ‘Jive’ Talk

Forbes CIO, March 30
How to Invest in Social Media Wisely

ComputerWorld, March 28
Integrating Social Media is Hard

Mediapost, March 27
‘Advanced’ Companies’ Spend On Social Media, Nets

Read Write Web, March 18
State and Future of Social Media Management Systems

Read Write Web, March 17
Next Version of Microsoft Office to Ship With Facebook IM

Business Insider, March 15
Why Influence Matter

MediaPost, March 7
Social Media To Grow As Customer Service Tool

Forbes, Feb 28
5 Ways to Break Through the Clutter and Land Your Dream Job

San Jose Mercury, Feb 27
Not all stars are fans of Facebook

eWeek, Feb 27
Google Confirms Social Effort to Include Google Buzz

Search Engine Watch, Feb 24
The Social Media ROI Conundrum

The New York Observer, Feb 23
Traffic Dropping at Mashable; Aol-Led TechCrunch Could Catch Up

WSJ, Feb 23
Marketers Ready to Interact on Oscar Night

San Jose Mercury, Feb 18
Are some bigwigs too big for Facebook?

IT Insider, Feb 8
2011: The Year Enterprise IT Finally Gets A Social Life

CFO, Feb 1
Social Media Frenzy

Fast Company, Jan 28
Checking in on FourSquare

Fast Company, Jan 18
How Not To Make A Whistle Blower

Yahoo News, Jan 18
How to build a social media education program for your company

NYT (and Syndicated), Jan 17
Consumer product companies now offer advice online

eMarketer, Jan 14
Social Strategist Look Hard at ROI This Year

Yahoo Finance, Jan 12
Hot Social Networking Site Cools as Facebook Grows

The Atlantic, Jan 12
The Decay of MySpace

NYT, Jan 12
As the Web Turns

WSJ Jan 11
MySpace cuts 47% of Workforce

USA Today, Jan 11
Myspace to lay off 500, or 47%, of workforce

1to1 media, Jan 11
Getting Social With B2B Customers

TechReviews Jan 11,
Myspace to layoff nearly 50 percent of their workforce

WebProNews, Jan 6
More Valuable for Business: Twitter or Facebook?

Bloomberg, Jan 3
Goldman Sachs Said to Invest $450 Million in Facebook

USAToday, Jan 3
Myspace’s unhappy New Year amid layoff rumors


Fast Company, Dec 28
Hybrid Theory and the Future of Marketing

Financial Times, Dec 27
Tumblr gives blogging a shot in the arm

Financial Times, Dec 27
Picture this, social media’s next phase

WARC News, Dec 23
Social media agencies gain ground

Search Engine Watch, Dec 13
What does the career path of the corporate social strategists look like?

Fast Company, Nov 19
I want my Twitter TV

Search CRM, Nov 18
New CRM technologies bring cost savings and faster customer service in financial industry

LA Times, Nov 16
Facebook unveils new messaging service

CIO, Nov 16
Facebook Messages: 3 Reasons to Say No

Money Times, Nov 15
Facebook likely to launch its own Webmail service

Kentucky Kernel, Nov 14
Facebook tightens grip on communication

eWeek, Nov 13
Facebook Project Titan Preps to Challenge Google Gmail

NYT, Nov 12
Facebook to Start an E-Mail Service

Wichita Business Journal, Nov 10
Report: Social media brings potential for success or failure

Read Write Web, Nov 10
Risk-takers and Strategists: Jeremiah Owyang on Long-Term Social Media Planning

SFGate, Sept 30
Facebook not fan of movie: ‘Social Network’ fiction

Financial Times, Sept 21
E-commerce takes instant liking to Facebook’s button

eWeek, Sept 21
Facebook Phone Should Be Google Voice, Skype Rival

ComputerWorld, Sept 11 to shut down Bloglines

NetworkWorld, August 31
Cox Communications Deals With Cable Guy Problem Using SaaS

eWeek, Aug 9
Google Social Network Coming Together with Slide, Zynga

ABS-CBN News (Philippines), August 18
Social media pushing enterprises to engage

ABC, KITV, Hawaii August 10
Many Companies Misuse Social Networking

eWeek, Aug 9
Google Social Network Coming Together with Slide, Zynga

eWeek, August 8
Google buys Slide to Facebook Data

Google Watch, August 6
Celebrating Google Wave, Other Past Google Failures

Fast Company, July 30
Why Tech Nerds Love Flying Virgin America

Washington Post, July 24
Facebook’s test: Building on ad revenue

Mercury News, July 22
Facebook milestone: 500 million members; on to 1 billion?

CNet, July 22
Who will be Facebook’s next 500 million?

ZDNet, July 22
Facebook reaches half a billion users

International Business Times, July 22
Facebook tops 500 mln users despite ranking poorly in consumer satisfaction survey

ComputerWorld, July 12
How Savvy Firms Monitor Customers’ Online Chatter

NYT, July 9
Facebook Makes Headway Around the World

Economic Times, July 9
Facebook catching up with Orkut in India: Report

ComputerWorld, June 29
Building a Facebook killer won’t be easy for Google

USA Today, June 16
Facebook walks a tricky line weighing privacy vs. profit

Marketing Vox, June 15
Who else is using your customer’s Tweets?

Bloomberg, June 10
Groupon Coupons: The Small Biz Challenge

NPR, June 9
In Your Facebook: Social Sites Are Everywhere

SFGate, May 28
Groupon Discounts can Overwhelm Vendors

Datamation, May 25
BroadVision Launches Social Network for Businesses

TechNewsWorld, May 21
Facebook Is Flirting With a Big Business Backlash

San Jose Mercury, May 20
Facebook must balance privacy with quest for information

Reuters, May 19
ANALYSIS-Facebook efforts hint at growing ad clout

SF Chronicle, May 15
Facebook Instant Personalization = instant ire

ComputerWorld, May 5
Facebook Bug Exposes Private Chats

Reuters, April 30th
Facebook efforts hint at growing ad clout

SF Chronicle, April 21
Facebook Conference Opens With Controversy

San Jose Mercury, April 21
Facebook pushes the web to be more more ‘instantly social’

ComputerWorld, April 21
Facebook wants the world’s default to be social

BBC, April 21
Facebook vs Google for Web Control

MacWorld, April 21
Facebook wants the world’s default to be social

MediaPost, April 21
Facebook to spread across web with ‘open graph’ initiative

WSJ Digits, April 21 (Video)
Digits Live Show: Facebook’s Next Act

NYT, April 19
Facebook Seeps Onto Other Web Sites

NYT, April 15
Twitter Loses Its Scrappy Start-Up Status

LATimes, April 15
Promoting for dollars is new Twitter app

Brian Lehrer TV Show, April 14
Greenpeace vs Nestle (Video)

Fierce Content Management, April 14
Adobe Creative Suite 5 integrates Omniture Analytics

eWeek, April 1
Facebook Pages Eschews ‘Become a Fan’ for ‘Like’ Link

IT BUsiness Edge, March 31
Are Social Rewards Enough for Online Community Members?

Wall Street Journal, March 28
Nestlé Takes a Beating on Social-Media Sites

Fast Company, March 22
Nestle’ Learns An Important Lesson in Social Media Management

San Jose Mercury, March 18
Facebook surpasses Google in weekly traffic

USA Today, March 10
Once-fading MySpace focuses on youthful reincarnation

The Economist, March 4
Follow Me

LaTimes, March 2
Toyota, looking for positive spin, turns to Twitter

CIO Magazine, March 1
How to Gripe Online: Call First, Tweet Later

Financial Times, Feb 17
Facebook to use PayPal

eWeek, Feb 17
Why Google Buzz Will Be White Noise to Facebook

SFChronicle, Feb 15
Facebook directs more online users than Google

Media Post, Feb 10
Early Buzz

San Jose Mercury News, Feb 10
Google’s new Gmail features target Facebook

SF Chronicle, Feb 10
Gmail gets social with Google Buzz

NYT, Feb 9
With Buzz, Google Plunges Into Social Networking

Financial Times, Feb 9
Google’s Buzz fails to unite opinions

NYT, Feb 8
Google to Add Social Features to Gmail

CNN, Feb 4
How can we cope with information overload?

ComputerWorld, Jan 25
Augmented reality: Pure hype or Next Big Thing in mobile?

Mediapost, Jan 18
Online Marketing Trends For 2010

eWeek, Jan 13
Google Buzz Must Connect to Facebook, Twitter to Thrive

Reuters, ABC, Jan 8
Twitter Hiring Workers to Turn Tweets Into Money

Contra Costa Times, Jan 4
Sausalito site snags inside scoops for job seekers

AdWeek, Jan 4
Army of Tweeting Tax Pros Leads H&R Block Social Push


EMC”s “On”, Q4, 2009
On: life in information (PDF)

Bloomberg/Examiner, Dec 22
Google walks away from Yelp talks

San Jose Mercury, Silicon Dec 22, 2009
Facebook on cusp of big year in 2010

The National (Qatar), Dec 15
Arabs encouraged to blog on and be heard

The Peninsula (Qatar), Dec 13
Blogging a powerful tool to empower global voices: Expert

The Peninsula (Qatar), Dec 13
Limited Arabic content in blogs: Google official

Gulf Times (Qatar), Dec 13
ICT organises meet to support local bloggers

Computer Weekly, Dec 10
Companies failing to keep up with the internet

AdWeek, Dec 6
Pharma: Socializing in a Straightjacket

The Big Money (Slate), Dec 3
Wal-Mart Warms Up to Facebook

CIO, Dec 1
Twitter Alternatives That Are All Business

Media Post, Nov 30
Augmented Reality To Ramp On Mobile

SFGate, Nov 27
Web site links artists, marketers

MediaPost, Nov 23
LinkedIn Opens Up To Outside Developers

MediaPost, Nov 19
LinkedIn Launches Custom Groups For Marketers

San Francisco Chronicle, Nov 15
New nonprofit uses Web to pressure Chevron

Wall Street Journal, Nov 4
How to Channel Your Twitter Voice

BusinessWeek, Nov 3
Microsoft Gives MSN an Overdue Face-lift

LA Times, Oct 27
Facebook becoming a Friend of Small Business

Media Post, Oct 20
Analyst: How Local Businesses Tap Mobile Social Networks

LA Times, Oct 16
TV Industry looks for a game plan for using Twitter

Reuters, Oct 16
Celebrities need authenticity to rule on Twitter

AdAge, Oct 12
Success Factors for Brands on Facebook

Fast Company, Oct 8
Miley Cyrus Leaves Twitter, Yet the Internet Limps On

Chicago Tribune, Oct 6
Twitter plays it close to vest when it comes to revenue

SFGate, Oct 2
Friendster bets its future on Southeast Asia

ClickZ, ŽSep 29
Social Business and Customer Relationship Management

ZDNet, ŽSep 24
Social Business

eConsultancy, Sept 21
Q&A: Jeremiah Owyang on personal branding and his move to Altimeter

Internet News, Sept 18th
Mobile’s Next Big Thing: Augmented Reality

NBC Los Angeles, Sept 17th
Twitter Envy Is Not Just a Facebook Problem

New York Times, Sept 14th
Facebook Is Going for Some Twitter Sensibility

Internet News, Sept 9
Facebook’s on the Mobile Move

Investors, August 28
Searching Social Sites For Cool Suggestions

New York Times, August 27
Ex-Forrester Analysts Resurface at Consulting Firm

Silicon Valley Business Journal, August 27
Owyang, Wang join Charlene Li at Altimeter

NYT, Aug 25
Who’s Driving Twitter’s Popularity? Not TeenagersWho’s

SF Gate, Aug 15
Facebook on its way to being social superpower

CNN, Aug 10
Facebook buys social media start-up FriendFeed

NYT Dealbook Blog, Aug 11
Adding FriendFeed, Facebook Gets Ex-Googlers Too

BusinessWeek, Aug 10
Facebook Finds a Friend in Google Rivalry

Financial Times, Aug 10
Facebook acquires FriendFeed

CIO Magazine, Aug 5
Twitter Tips: How to Write a Twitter Policy for Your Employees

USA Today, July 25th
Back-to-school pitches go social with Facebook, Twitter

CNBC, July 15th
Explosion in Social Media Fails To Create Many Jobs–So Far

ComputerWorld, July 7th
Twitter Tips: How to Find Experts in Your Industry

PC World, July 7th
Navigating Facebook’s Upcoming Privacy Changes

CIO Magazine, July 7th
Facebook’s Upcoming Privacy Changes: What You Need to Know

MediaPost, July 7th
Meet The Social Media G-Men

Financial Times, July 3rd
What friends are for

USAToday, July 2nd
Facebook changes privacy controls so members feel safe to share

Silicon Valley Business Journal, June 25th
BlogHer blogging network has big plans for $7M venture infusion

SF Gate, June 24th
Online product reviews may count on friends

Marketplace (Audio), June 22th
Employers can still find deleted photos

Internet News, June 4th
Facebook See Profits in New Payment System

Associated Press, June 3
Marketing revamped GM will be tricky

Wired, June 2
The Future of Social Media: The Walls Come Crumbling Down

Destination CRM, June 1
The 5 Phases of Social Experience

Bloomberg, May 26
Facebook Gets $200 Million Backing From Digital Sky

Silicon Valley Business Journal, May 21
Marketing gets social

Amsterdam Radio: BNR Radio, May
Audio: Radio interview with Raymond, Hyves Founder and Patrick of The Future Web

Silicon Valley Business Journal, May 8
Analyst Jeremiah Owyang is one of social media’s always-on personalities

BusinessWeek, April 30
Forrester’s Owyang points to friendship market

MediaPost, April 27
Forrester: Social Web To Evolve Due To Portable IDs

Adage, April 27
Who Will Rule the Web Once Twitter and Facebook Fade?

LA Times, April 20
Ignore Twitter? Major brands learn they’d better respond — and quick

Reuters, April 17
Ashton Kutcher vs. CNN leaves Oprah atwitter

Bloomberg, April 16
Twitter Posts on Paint Projects, Ear Infections Annoy Users

USA Today, April 15
Facebook Connect makes signing into your sites fast

Business Week, April 8th
Does Facebook’s Business Plan Include Premium Memberships?

Bloomberg, April 8th
Sony, Google’s YouTube In Talks to Put Full-Length Films on Web

LA Times, March 30
Job seekers turning to online social networks

Media Post, March 30
Take A Number: Federated Media Lines Up Twitter Campaigns

Boston Globe, March 29
Social Downsizing

eWeek, March 27
Can Twitter and Facebook Make Big Bucks?

San Jose Business Journal, March 24
Salesforce unveils Twitter CRM software

Forbes, March 20
Facebook: Your Company’s Intranet?

Information Week, March 19
How to make Facebook your company Intranet

San Jose Mercury, March 17
Harris: IPhone become Facebook’s friend

Fast Company, March 16
Do You Think in 140 Characters

NYT, March 15
At Austin Meeting, Seeking Exposure for New Tech Products

CIO Magazine, March 13
How and Why to Launch a Business Presence on Twitter

AdAge, March 11
Is the Future of Marketing About Marketing to Marketers?

USAToday, Mar 4
Facebook gets a facelift, MySpace loses execs

ZDNet, Mar 2
Q&A with Jeremiah Owyang: Social business economy

TechWorldNews, Feb 27
Facebook Wants Your Two Cents

CIO Magazine, Feb 25
Twitter Tips: How to Use Twitter to Job Hunt

New York Times, Feb 20
Baby Boomers, Luddites? Not So Fast

Forbes, Feb 15
Twitter’s Analytical Business Plan

CIO Magazine, Feb 10
Twitter Etiquette: Five Dos and Don’ts

eWeek, Feb 5
Analyst: Google Latitude Not a Threat to Facebook, MySpace

BBC News, Feb 4
Facebook clocks fifth birthday

MediaPost, Feb 4
Facebook at Five, Feb 4
Twitter: How to Get Started Guide for Business People

ZDNet, Feb 2
The 10 best techies worth following on Twitter

PC World, Jan 26
Job Hunters: Protect Your Online Identity

Internet Magazine (Tokyo, Japan), Jan 23
How to use the theory of corporate & Community (Translated by Google)

MediaPost, Jan 19
Federated Media Cuts Staff, Shifts Focus To Social Media

MediaPost Publications, Jan 16
Ultimate Guide To Community Platform Technologies


USAToday, Dec 29
Bad News for Workers is good news for LinkedIn

BusinessWeek, Dec 29
A Modest Blogging Proposal, Dec 5
Blogging up a storm for customers’ sake

Wired, Nov 25th
Motrin’s Mommy Headache: A Lesson in Social Media Experimentation

Wall Street Journal, Nov 10
Facebook Tries to Woo Marketers

CIO Magazine, Oct 29
New LinkedIn all work no play

New York Times, Oct 27
Underdog LinkedIn poised to beat flashy Facebook

Business Week, Oct 13
MySpace Woos Small Business Ads

PC World, Oct 6
Facebook starts offering Live Search

BusinessWeek, Sept 27
Making Social Networks Profitable

Economist, Sept 25
Facebook for suits

San Jose Mercury, Sept 25
Digg aims to raise its profile

USAToday, Sept 22
Some Facebook users aren’t fond of website’s new Face

Brandweek, Sept 11
Study: Baby Boomers Love Social Networks Too

BBC, Sept 11
Facebook imposes site facelift

Forbes, Sept 9
Google gets wired for Cable

Business Week, Sept 9
CEOs follow Jeremiah’s tweets, Social Text, and Mzinga.

DMNews, Sept 6
Widgets enter the limelight

Forbes, Sept 4
Michael Dell ‘Friends’ his customers

Radio: Mario Armstrong’s Digital Spin (NPR Affiliate), Sept 3
Social Networking in Politics and beyond with Jeremiah Owyang & Michael Chin

CNN/Dow Jones Wire, Sept 3
Google’s Chrome Seen Casting Shadow Over Web Start-Upgrades

PC World, Sept 2
Social Networking Startup Goes Self-service

CNET, August 25
Facebook’s new ads: Advertisers, approach with caution

Ad Age, August 25
Facebook Proposes ‘Engagement Ads,’ Educates Marketers

Cnet (Japan), Aug 21
Facebooks’ Engagement Ads

Internet World Business (German), Aug 21
Facebook launcht “Engagement Ads”

PC World, Aug 21
Facebook Lets Users Interact with Ads via Comments

CRM Buyer, August 19
The Customer Loyalty Myth

Computer World, August 11
Exxon Mobile unwittingly appears on Twitter

The Industry Standard, August 8
New social networks invent twists to stay in game

Macworld, August 7
New social networks introduce new twists

Cnet, August 1
Why Facebook left ‘Scrabulous’ alone

eCommerce Times, July 25
Scrabble-Scrabulous Fuss Lands in Court

Guardian, July 21
Big Facebook redesign to give users more control

National Post, July 21
Facebook update aims to halt ‘toxic threats’ to users

CNET July 18
Once-hyped PodTech sold at a bargain

eWeek, July 17
Web 2.0 Control Moves from Marketing to IT

LA Times, July 16
Meebo wants to get the Web chatting

IT Web, July 10
CMS looks to social networking

SF Chronicle, July 4
Big-name brands booking ads on Facebook

SF Chronicle, July 4
YouTube ordered to hand over viewing data

SF Chronicle, July 4
Merchants angry over getting yanked by Yelp

CIO Magazine, June 31
Twitter’s Potential for Business Users

eWeek, June 20
Shopping as a Social Activity

Wall Street Journal, June 18
Ways to Follow Your Friends on the Web

LA Times, June 17
LinkedIn networks way to $1-billion valuation

Forbes, June 16
Secrets of the Always On

Forbes, June 12
Facebook’s Foreign Clones

CNN, June 11
Social Anxiety, Meet Social Networking

Washington Post, June 5
Social Networking Meets Madison Ave

New York Times, June 2
To Counter Google, Facebook Opens Its Code

Boston Herald, May 31
New parents’ baby books go online

Computerworld May 23
Opinion: Using MySpace and Facebook as business tools

New York Times, May 21
Using the Web to Draw in Crowds

ComputerWorld, May 21
Opinion: MySpace vs. Facebook — which better serves the IT community?

SFGate, April 27
More spam appearing on social networks

Business Week, April 8
WEbook Puts a Crowd in the Author’s Seat

Chicago Tribune, April 4
Digital music sites crank up volume

MarketPlace, April 4
(Audio) MySpace: A place to beat iTunes

InfoWorld, March 26
Service aims to mine social networks for consumer insight

Wall Street Journal, March 17
Marketing with Social Media

Fortune, March 11
Welcome to Conference 2.0

BBC Radio, March 3
Social advertising (Audio)

InternetNews, Feb 26
Jaxtr Gives VoIP Users Something to Talk About

ComputerWorld, Feb 15
How to set up a corporate online community without ‘brand backlash’

San Jose Mercury, Feb 13
Facebook confronts controversy over deletion process

CIO Magazine, Feb 8
White Label Social Networking Set for a Shakeup?

Wired News, Feb 5
Eight Months Late, MySpace Unveils Its Own Application Platform

ComputerWorld, Jan 31
Companies must listen to the Web 2.0 world

Red Herring, Jan 31
KickApps Kicks Up its Social Media Platform

CIO Today, Jan 30
MySpace Will Launch its Developer Platform Next Week

Media Post, Jan 28
Social Network Marketing Affected By New Technologies

Red Herring, Jan 14
MySpace, States Agree on Predator Shields

Red Herring, Jan 14
Gigya Flicks On Widget Ad Network

Post Bulletin, Jan 11
Growth, growing pains for Facebook, now 50 million strong

Red Herring, Jan 10
MySpace Goes Access Hollywood

eWeek, Jan 8
Yahoo Mail Comes Out of Its Social Shell

eWeek, Jan 4
Who Owns Your Social Data? You Do, Sort of

CourierMail (Australila), Jan 1
Brave new (web) World

Wired Epicenter, Jan 2
Facebook Ads Make You the Star — And You May Not Know It


Washington Post, Dec 29
Online Networking Goes Small, and Sponsors Follow

The Age (Australia), Dec 28
Networking in the virtual world

PBS MediaShift, Dec 28
2007: Year of Social Media

MSNBC, Dec 28
Facebook set for a Delicate Balance

San Jose Mercury News, Dec 28
Facebook’s year of gains and pains

Tech News World, Dec 27
Google Kerfuffle Leaves Bloggers’ Feathers Ruffled

Red Herring, Dec 26
Fuser Facebook App a MySpace Killer?

Agence France-Presse Inquirer, Dec 19
Online social networking frenzy points to Internet’s future

Ad Week, Dec 17
The Power of Many: Social Connectivity Signals Changes

Colorado Springs, Dec 17
Firms pay attention to what you do online (republished)

Adweek Magazine, Dec 17
The Power of Many: Social Connectivity Signals Changes

Top Tech News, Dec 14
OpenSocial Faces Off with Facebook

CNET’s Webware, Dec 13
Google: Don’t give up on OpenSocial

SFGate Tech Chronicles, Dec 12
Bebo opens site to outside programs

RedHerring, Dec 11
Friendster Seeks Widget Friends

SFGate: The Tech Chronicles, Dec 12
bebo opens up

Knowledge at Wharton, Dec 12
Social Marketing: How Companies Are Generating Value from Customer Input

eWeek, Dec 10
LinkedIn Opens API to Nurture Productivity Software

Reuters, Dec 10
LinkedIn courts developers, lands BusinessWeek deal

LA Times, Dec 10
The business of ties is booming

LA Times, Dec 6
Facebook hangs its head over ad system

SF Gate, Dec 6
Facebook apologizes, pulls back on social ads

Forbes, Dec 6
Facebook’s Overblown Privacy Problems

ECT News Network (multiple publications), Dec 4
News Corp. Gets Religion

Forbes: Internet Business, Nov 30
Facebook To Members: Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

San Jose Mercury, Nov 30
Get out of my Face(Book)

Monterey Herald, Nov 27
Blog Watchers, republication

Chicago Tribune, Nov 23
You talk, they hear on web Business front page (see pic)

Detroit News, Nov 19
Business buddies: LinkedIn’s online networking connects with professionals

MSNBC, Nov 11
Facebook’s pursuit for ‘Fan-Sumers’

Arabian Business, Nov 7
Facebook outlines new Advertising options

SearchViews, Nov 6
Facebook Announces New Ad Strategy

Forbes, Nov 6
Facebook’s Big Play To Earn Big Money

Sydney Morning Herald, Nov 10
Ad nauseam: Facebook users to cop the hard sell

San Jose Mercury, Nov 9
Facebook ad plan puts companies in your social circle Tech section front page (see pic)

PC World, Nov 7
Facebook unveils Ad Platform

USA Today, Nov 6
Facebook’s Ad plans let marketers captilize on friends

New York Times, Nov 7
Facebook Is Marketing Your Brand Preferences (With Your Permission)

Forbes. Nov 7
Fear Among Facebook Developers

CNET, Nov 7
New advertising strategy is a big gamble for Facebook

San Jose Mercury News, Nov 6
MySpace, Facebook pushing ads

National Public Radio (NPR), Nov 5
Could Facebook change web advertising? (audio)

Practical eCommerce, Oct 31
Interview: Ecommerce Implications From Social Media

Mr Web, Oct 30
Forrester Appoints Web 2.0 Analyst

SYS-CON Media, Oct 31
Web 2.0 – Web 3.0 – The “Social Web”

CNET, Oct 25
Digging into Facebook’s ad future

Bloomberg, Oct 24
Facebook Gets Bids From Google, Microsoft, People Say (Update3)

TechNewsWorld, Oct 25
MySpace TV to Air Bite-Sized Serial Drama

Milestone: Started as Senior Analyst, Forrester Research, Oct 1st, 2007

AdWeek, Oct 15
Social Media Do’s and Dont’s

ComputerWorld, April 24th
Facebook users resisting Wal-Mart’s latest Web 2.0 endeavor

Blog Talk Radio Interview, August 21
Social media related interview, one hour show with Tris Hussey and Jim Turner (audio).

Website Magazine, August Issue
Social Media: From the Drawing Board to the Board Room (article).

Bytemarks: Hawaii Public Radio, August 1st
Interview on Hawaii’s tech show, a glimpse into live streaming (audio).

San Jose Mercury, August 1
Pictures from the Techcrunch party make the business section of San Jose Mercury.

Financial Times, June 26
Website founder gets everything but the girl (Live Streaming)

Agence France-Presse (AFP), June 11
Online tweets tell you what everyone is up to

The Marker, Jewish Newspaper, June
Select articles of this blog are converted to Hebrew for The Marker

950 KPRC Houston Radio: Business Makers Show, June 6
The Aflac BusinessMakers Flashback – Jeremiah Owyang (audio)

SF Chronicle (Section A1), May 25
Lunch 2.0: free food, a side of tech talk Cafeteria crashers now invited guests

SF Gate, The Tech Chronicles, April 19
Web 2.0 Expo: Goodbye to all that

CNET, April 16
Lifecasting: I did not sign up for this

New York Times, February 20
Recipe for Success: Take Mentos, Diet Coke. Mix.

Business Week, January 4
Will companies pay to store our data?


MediaPost, Nov, 21
People on the Move

MediaPost SearchInsider, July 18
Dude, You’re Getting a Blog

ComputerWorld, May 29
How to be a better blogger — and still keep your day job, Take these tips from top corporate bloggers

CBS News, April 26
Bloggers Bank On Mom And Dad


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Tracking the Influence: Social Media Measurement

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Website Magazine: Social Media from the Drawing board to the Board Room