The Rhythm of The Software Industry Impacts Business Buyers

Above Photo: Like analyzing the rings on a tree stump,  our natural environment gives us clues on where we’ve been, and where we’re going. Have you ever noticed a set of patterns in the industry that come in sequence?  A series of startups getting funded, or acquired in rapid sequence?  Or perhaps, a series of software suites that offer you the chance to be a lighthouse early adopter client with all the bells and whistles at a low cost?  For the astute, you may be noticing a natural pattern that our industry goes through, every year. Just as our bodies, the planet, and weather go through natural rhythms and cycles, technology markets also have their own set of cadence and flows. … Continue readingThe Rhythm of The Software Industry Impacts Business Buyers

End of an Era: The Golden Age of Tech Blogging is Over

Update Dec 29: I posted a Taxonomy of Tech Bloggers in response to the growing conversation. That’s right. We’re at the end of an important period. The tech blogosphere as we know it, is over. Four Trends Show the End of this Era: Like the film industry, the Golden Era is the emergence period, when fresh innovation in a new medium is born. New techniques, revolutionary content, and different business models emerge as innovators pioneer a new medium. I first had this discussion with Chris Saad, which triggered some thinking on my end. I asked some of the foremost tech bloggers of  their opinion, and found four clear trends on why the Golden Era of Tech Blogging is over, here’s … Continue readingEnd of an Era: The Golden Age of Tech Blogging is Over

How to Deal with the Real Time Web: Navigating the River

The social web is moving beyond just asynchonus relationships to real time information passing. Take last week, while I was on the phone with my dentist in San Jose and I was in the Peninsula and an earthquake occurred. It originated in San Jose, and the excited office manager told me she’d just experienced an earthquake. 5 seconds later, I felt the aftershock in my own house, and then tweeted out “just felt an earthquake”. Seconds later, I opened the Twitter search tool and tracked all the earthquake mentions, and there were hundreds within 30 seconds. As Steve Gillmor suggests, we could eventually track the origination and speed of an event, from the epicenter to the resulting waves for earthquakes … Continue readingHow to Deal with the Real Time Web: Navigating the River

TrendWatch: Comparing MicroMemes, Network Feeds, and MacroMemes

I want you to start thinking differently about how you get information. As you know from my postings, that trust is highest from our peers, we trust those that are like us, or our friends above all us. Information delivery is evolving, we’re starting to get information on the open wide web from our friends and contacts (although email has been a medium for a long time). TrendWatch: Anatomy of MicroMemes, Network Feeds, and MacroMemes: 1) Narrow: MicroMeme MicroMemes are highly focused and targeted, delivering the information to you that your network and friends thinks is important. A few days ago, I interviewed the founder of Friendfeed, an example of a MicroMeme. [MicroMeme: Information with your immediate network about what … Continue readingTrendWatch: Comparing MicroMemes, Network Feeds, and MacroMemes