Occupy SF, While Nascent, is Rapidly Self-Organizing

Left: Occupy SF on Sat, Oct 6th. A small group in early am manages camp in front of Federal building, crowd ebbs and flows throughout day. Photo via Ken Yeung. Three days ago on Saturday, I visited the Occupy SF location with Chris Heuer of Deloitte, Chris Saad, VP of Strategy Officer at social media startup Echo, local photographer and technologist Ken Yeung (see his photo set, which made the Huffington Post), Startup CEO Larry Chiang,  Altimeter Researcher Zak Kirchner, and my business partner Charlene Li (and her son).  Our mission?  To interview the occupiers to understand their POV, in the context of understanding what they want, and where this movement is going to head.   Every day, I run … Continue readingOccupy SF, While Nascent, is Rapidly Self-Organizing