Three Challenges for the Next Economy

There are three topics that should be discussed as we forge the next economy: the Autonomous World, Silicon Valley feudalism, and ensuring human safety from advanced robots. For the second year, I’ll be at Tim O’Reilly’s Next:Economy Conference in San Francisco on Oct. 10–11, which brings technology, the economy, and forward-thinking industry leaders together under one roof. These events set the tone for the impacts of technology on businesses, governments, societies, and global economies. I see three red-hot challenges for the Next:Economy: The Autonomous World. What role do humans play when robots do jobs better? This topic, which was discussed at the last Next:Economy, was a major theme –yet we’re nowhere near from settling it. Did you know the White … Continue readingThree Challenges for the Next Economy

Five Ways Web Professionals Should Be Proactive In a Recession

Things are going to get worse before they get better It’s official, we’re in a recession, say economists. Four quarters since Q4 2007 indicate this economic change and Bloomberg reports that “The U.S. economy may be headed for its deepest and longest recession since World War II”. Things look even more grim as the, Associated Press reports that employers cut 533K jobs in Nov., most in 34 years”, of course this impacts personal lives as LA Times shows that 10% of homeowners are in or are nearing foreclosure status. My job is to listen to the marketplace, and I didn’t hear anyone talking about this until Sept 2008, it’s as if US, and the world were taken by surprise. Perhaps … Continue readingFive Ways Web Professionals Should Be Proactive In a Recession