Web Strategy Matrix: Google Buzz vs Facebook vs MySpace vs Twitter (Feb 2010)

Lack Of Signal In A Sea of Noise There’s an incredible amount of media and blogger noise about social networks, yet most focus on “killer app” hype without an objective point of view.   My career mission?  To cut out the hype and help companies make sense of what to do. For those fraught with information overload, this definitive matrix distills what matters. Situation:  New Contender Shakes Up Industry Google has entered the social networking play with “Buzz”, and by the look of it, this time it’s for real.  There’s a lot of market confusion on how they could stack up, so here’s my take.  Let’s cut the noise and get to the heart of it with a comparison matrix … Continue readingWeb Strategy Matrix: Google Buzz vs Facebook vs MySpace vs Twitter (Feb 2010)

Matrix: Social Technology Adoption Curve Benefits –and Downsides

Know The Upsides –And Downsides Of Your Adoption Behavior Individuals and companies should be deliberate in their adoption strategy, there are benefits and risks to each category. It’s been interesting watching different group adopt social technologies over the past few years, I can see who benefits from being first –and the pains to be a thought leader of both individuals and companies. Above, this is the standard Rogers Adoption Curve, it’s important to point out that my matrix below only is in context of social technologies, it will vary from technology to technology.  I found this take on the adoption stages of social technologies helpful in framing how I thought about the following matrix. I built this following matrix in … Continue readingMatrix: Social Technology Adoption Curve Benefits –and Downsides

Evolution: The Eight Stages Of Listening

As Social Customers Become More Empowered, Organizations Must Have A Listening Strategy As we approach 2010 planning companies need a strategy around listening. Sadly, most companies, and their agency partners don’t know why to listen or how. As a result, they must identify which stage of listening they are at, and then set a goal on which stage they see to aspire in 2010. I originally published this matrix for client workshops and a keynote presentation on developing listening and advocacy programs, and I’m going to continue to share more and blow-out each of my slides. Web Strategy Matrix: The Eight Stages Of Listening Stage Description Resources Needed Impacts 1) No objective at all Organization has a listening program but … Continue readingEvolution: The Eight Stages Of Listening

Two Approaches: Shotgun vs Laser

Companies approach social in one of two ways: The first way, companies experiment with little order or goals, the second way, companies have clear goals and intend to invest in a deeper relationship. 1) Shotgun: Toyota’s Yaris Campaign Spreads Chances While experimentation is always important, companies must do so in the context of a goal, whether it’s to test and learn, or just to prove to management it can be done. Take for example Toyota’s latest campaign, which is much akin to interactive marketing or advertising (not social engagement), where they’ve funded eight agencies to spend $15,000 only on their social marketing campaigns. The goal is to see who can make it work and stick, then they’ll spend more money … Continue readingTwo Approaches: Shotgun vs Laser