Story Board: The Collaborative Economy for Corporations (Slideshare)

Are you trying to help business folks understand what the collaborative economy or sharing economy means to their companies? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of news on this topic from NYT, Economist, Forbes, and don’t know how to translate it to your work? Are you seeking a clear set of examples on how it’s happening and what a company should do? If you said yes to any of these questions, the embedded, slightly campy storyboard is just for you.

In the above storyboard, you can mouse click on the right arrow, then click on your right arrow key on your keyboard to quickly advance.

For corporations, this movement is very similar to the ‘social media revolution’ we all felt in 2005-2009.  Then corporations adopted by launching their own blogs, forums, communities, and Facebook pages.  Fast forward today, companies are still institutionalizing social.  Hold onto your hats my friends, another movement is happening again, and they’re also using social technologies.  Instead of just sharing media and ideas, they’re sharing goods and services, and in many cases, they’re avoiding corporations to get what they need.   This is a direct disruption to corporate revenues, as people share products with each other –rather than buy anew.  If you’d like to to go deeper, read the full research report, which this story board was based from.

Six Things You’ll Learn From This Story Board

  1. How the next phase of social business is the collaborative economy.
  2. A definition of the collaborative economy, a new economic model of shared ownership and access.
  3. Examples of how people can get what they need from each other –rather than from corporations.
  4. Three solutions for companies, using the Collaborative Economy Value Chain.
  5. Real-world case examples of what innovative corporations are doing now.
  6. An overview of the market challenges and business benefits of joining this movement

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