Quick Guide: The Collaborative Economy Body of Work for Corporations (Updated March 2016)

Updated: March 2016, with newer posts added. The Collaborative Economy is a powerful movement that shifts power away from corporations.  Over the last several months, I’ve focused my research efforts on the Collaborative Economy a new economic model where there’s shared ownership and access among people, startups, corporations, and governments.  They’re using social networks as a conduit to get what they want from each other –rather than inefficient institutions like failed subway systems, taxis or un-interesting hotels. They’re also Making their own goods and products and selling or giving it to each other, unlocking core skills that all humans in villages used to have, but not using technology to learn, share, and distribute beyond physical borders.   The impact this can … Continue readingQuick Guide: The Collaborative Economy Body of Work for Corporations (Updated March 2016)

Corporations Will Emulate Collaborative Economy Startups

Just as this Dallas skyline casts a similar reflection from the water, we see the same pattern in the web industry as corporations copy the startup space to catch up with customers. My career mission of Web Strategy is to help companies connect to their customers using web technology.   I see a rift occurring between companies and their customers.  My mission is to help companies close that gap. There’s a Natural Order to Things.   Death begets life, winter moves into spring, and corporations follow what consumer startups do.  This pattern, which we’ve seen as uncountable at times, is a predictable one.  As Friendster, MySpace, Bebo and Facebook arose, we witnessed the rise of corporations building their own branded communities using … Continue readingCorporations Will Emulate Collaborative Economy Startups

Collaborating with the Crowd in your Company’s Supply Chain

Above Photo: The London Eye contains an intricate network of people, in capsules, networked in a wheel, delicately suspended above the ground in equilibrium. As companies connect to crowds, they too, must balance people and process. How can corporations learn from Uber, oDesk, Lyft, and ModCloth, to enhance their business functions, like the Supply Chain? Let’s explore that question in this Q&A. Welcome to the new Collaborative Economy Expert Series, where I interview leading thinkers from various business functions regarding the impact of this concept across entire corporations. Right now, the crowd is getting what it wants from each other. People are using social media to talk to each other. They crowd is using sharing startups like Airbnb, Uber, and … Continue readingCollaborating with the Crowd in your Company’s Supply Chain

3D-Printing Clunky, But Shows World-Changing Promise

I wanted to know how 3D printers will impact corporations, so I took a class. I find value in hands-on field research In the aim for further understanding the impact of the empowered customers to corporations, I took a class on 3D printing at my local Techshop, where regular folks can learn cutting edge skills. Previously. this spring, I visited Maker Faire where thousands of people who want to make their own products (rather than buy them from corporations) assemble to share, hone, and show off their skills.  The big winner was the large pavilion of 3D printers, which I shared my findings.   I’m also living the collaborative economy movement, I’ve reduced buying physical goods, and prefer to rent … Continue reading3D-Printing Clunky, But Shows World-Changing Promise

The Alliances Form in the Collaborative Economy Battleground

Above: Screenshot from the story board on how corporations can fight or join the collaborative economy. Taking a look back at last two week’s event show some interesting twists, the crowd is continuing to organize around getting what they need from each other, rather than from corporations. For the advanced corporations who’ve entered the collaborative economy,  they’ve formed partnerships to strengthen their own ecosystem.   [Business models and tempers change as the crowd gets what they need from each other –rather than corporations]   It’s important to state that this is a continuation of social business. The next phase of social business isn’t just sharing ideas, but the sharing of goods and services.  People can share goods and services with … Continue readingThe Alliances Form in the Collaborative Economy Battleground

Story Board: The Collaborative Economy for Corporations (Slideshare)

Are you trying to help business folks understand what the collaborative economy or sharing economy means to their companies? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of news on this topic from NYT, Economist, Forbes, and don’t know how to translate it to your work? Are you seeking a clear set of examples on how it’s happening and what a company should do? If you said yes to any of these questions, the embedded, slightly campy storyboard is just for you. Story Board: The Collaborative Economy for Corporations (Official Slideshare Version) from Jeremiah Owyang In the above storyboard, you can mouse click on the right arrow, then click on your right arrow key on your keyboard to quickly advance. For corporations, … Continue readingStory Board: The Collaborative Economy for Corporations (Slideshare)