Expert Interview: The Millennials in the Collaborative Economy

Meet Dan Schawbel. He’s an expert on millennials in the workforce. I’ve known Dan for years, we both worked in the social business space, him at EMC, while I was at HDS.  We learned together, shared insights, and he even featured me in some of his publications.  In my opinion, Dan has become one of the leading voices of the millennial generation. Not just because he’s in that age range, but because he’s studied the impacts, tracks the trends, and eloquently speaks on TV about millennials in the workforce.  I’ve been talking to Dan, about how the Collaborative Economy is often being lead by this young generation that wants to make a difference. Like the movement, Dan is focused on helping … Continue readingExpert Interview: The Millennials in the Collaborative Economy

Collaborating with the Crowd in your Company’s Supply Chain

Above Photo: The London Eye contains an intricate network of people, in capsules, networked in a wheel, delicately suspended above the ground in equilibrium. As companies connect to crowds, they too, must balance people and process. How can corporations learn from Uber, oDesk, Lyft, and ModCloth, to enhance their business functions, like the Supply Chain? Let’s explore that question in this Q&A. Welcome to the new Collaborative Economy Expert Series, where I interview leading thinkers from various business functions regarding the impact of this concept across entire corporations. Right now, the crowd is getting what it wants from each other. People are using social media to talk to each other. They crowd is using sharing startups like Airbnb, Uber, and … Continue readingCollaborating with the Crowd in your Company’s Supply Chain