Keynote: Social Business Workshop at Amplify, with a focus on Regulated Verticals (Video and Slides)

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of presenting at Sydney’s Amplify festival, which was hosted by AMP, one of the largest financial institutions in Australia.  I spoke three times, from workshops and keynotes.  A majority of the attendees were employees from AMP, and a sprinkling of folks from outside also attended.

What struck me as very fascinating was how this event, which was organized by Annalie Killian, was leading the charge of innovation at the firm.  I asked her title and she told me she was the “Director of Magic”, and boy did she deliver.  It’s rare to see organizations to fund innovation events as much as AMP does, but a great way to learn is to bring in outside presenters and share their vision.

You can see ALL the youtube videos, (there are four) and I’ve embedded the first one below with the accompanying slides.  For this event, I focused on friendly interaction, group exercises, over 18 examples from the regulated space, and providing pragmatic recommendations for the regulated space in this 2 hour session involving a few hundred folks.

Part 1 embedded below, see parts 2, 3, and 4, here.


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