Video Debate: Is Facebook American Imperialism?

That very bombastic question (is Facebook American Imperialism) was posed to me at the Social Media Club France Club which took place near LeWeb a few weeks ago. I was joined by my friend Paul Papadimitriou (Twitter), and we were hosted by Fabrice Epelboin (Twitter) who writes for Read Write Web.

In this discussion we discuss social media from a global perspective (not just an American one) and we discuss and debate why many of the popular social networking sites are coming from United States, and adoption across the globe (see my collection of stats)

SMC Lounge – 2011 trends IV
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Questions for discussion, join in comments

  • Why are so many social networking sites coming from the United States?
  • How does this impact culture? Do the default Facebook features reflect an American culture yet not reflect other cultures?
  • As every culture has different views on privacy, free speech, how can a global tool meet the many needs of others?
  • Is Facebook a form of American Imperialism?