Milestone: Social CRM Pioneer Group Crosses 1000 Members #SCRM

On March 5th, Ray Wang and I announced the SCRM report, along with that, we launched a community to allow practitioners and those who serve them to connect to each other.  The goal of this group was to extend the discussion further in this very early market, hence we coined it a “Pioneers” group and dubbed the theme around exploration, going “west” as we explored various trails as a collective.   A few days ago, the Social CRM Pioneers Group (you can join too) crossed over 1000 members and the discussions in this new industry continue to spill over.

This labor of love continues to impress me as members connect, share, and foster new relationships that spill over to real world conferences and events.  There are actual practioneres from Comcast, Dell, BT, David’s Bridal, and others who may not want to share their employers name on what they see happening, additionally, many of the vendors we outlined in the SCRM report are also present.

Here’s a selection of some of the more interesting discussions:

Of course, any community requires some weeding, and I had to turn on message moderation as we started to receive spam.  In addition to myself and Ray, w e also anointed Jacob Morgan to help with moderation, who was a big help when I was on the road.  We started to feel a change in the seas when we started to see our very first SCRM dedicated job postings emerge, leaving the choice to the community, we setup a poll to allow the pioneers to decide on how those job postings would appear, and it was decided by the group a single ongoing thread would be appropriate.

If you’re a pioneer, I’d like to thank you for your contributions in the community, thank you for connecting and learning with each other so we can grow this new approach.

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