People on the Move in the Social Media Industry: Feb 24, 2010


Lots of changes, in particular, many of my former colleagues from the Forrester Research interactive marketing and marketing leadership teams that I used to work closely with have moved on. Forrester hires top minds, so when I run across an alum, it’s like a reunion of graduating class at a university. There’s a strong camaraderie stemming from common way of thinking, writing, and approaching tough problems.   Forrester attracts and breeds excellent thinkers, and I wish my former colleagues best of luck as they return to the field.

In an effort to recognize the changes in the social media space, I’ve started this post series (see archives) to both track and congratulate folks who get promoted, move, or accept new exciting positions. Please help me congratulate the following folks:

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  • Cynthia Pflaum leaves Forrester Research (we were on the same team) and joins Dachis Group as a consultant, she is fabulous and was our “Data Queen” for the Groundswell work. I wish her the best, and know she’ll rock at whatever she does! Best wishes.
  • Tom Cummings, leaves Forrester Research and joins Dachis as a Consultant Tom I also worked closely with Tom, his research was always helpful. I’m sure great work will come out of Dachis group with this top talent hire.
  • Lisa Bradner leaves Forrester Research (we did some projects together) as an analyst as the President of Geomentum.
  • Julie Katz, also a former marketing analyst at Forrester leaves to join the insights team at Lego, she was always a joy to work with, and we shared many interesting conversations.
  • Caroline Dangson, leaves IDC as analyst and joines Dachis Group as a Consultant, I’ve met her in SF, and admire her work, congrats.
  • Esteban Contreras, Social Media Manager is hired a Samsung Electronics (Amdocs Consulting Division), he wrote meI interviewed Samsung’s Social Media Strategists on my podcast “The Social Nerdia Show!” and sent them my resume the next day. Two months later I was moving from Dallas TX to New Jersey. I sold my house, sold one car, and said bye to family and friends in the middle of winter. Now I’m living near NYC and working hard” awesome story. Added him to list of strategists.
  • Mark Drapeau’s New Job: Corporate Public Diplomacy via Innovative Social Engagement, at Microsoft, read his story on Brian Solis’s blog.
  • Don Dodge joined Google a few months ago, as Developer Evangelism. I was a bit slow on this, but congratulations to him
  • Brian Kling has been promoted Autodesk as a Social Media Manager, added to list of strategists too.
  • Craig Hepburn is now Director of Social Media Strategy at Open Text focusing mainly on how some of the worlds largest companies are adopting social media strategies for their business both internally for collaboration but also externally facing for their partners and customers.
  • Christopher Fleener has been promoted to Digital Marketing Manager at The New School, a leading research university in New York City. In his new role, Chris will focus on expanding the university’s social media and mobile marketing initiatives.
  • Colin Browning is now Developing Digital and Social media programs for leading technology companies. at IDG SMS
  • Christopher Wilkes has joined Ripple6 as Senior Director of Business Development, Social Insights, where he will be responsible for further developing Ripple6’s Social Insights products and solutions and educating prospective clients on the value of social insights.

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