Silicon Valley Sightings: Lighter Than Air on a Zeppelin Tour

Friday afternoon commute

It’s been a long time since I’ve done this series “Silicon Valley Sightings” as well, quite frankly, I’ve been doing a lot of travel in my role as an analyst.  Yet, despite the lull in posting this series (I’m sure local food blogger Brian Stephens will be happy) I was inspired to post, as of yesterday.

Thanks to bud Kenny Lauer, who was able to get us two tickets, on Airship Ventures, the only zeppelin in the United States.  We were able to partake in the ‘taster’ tour, a 30 minute effortless and quient jaunt over Silicon Valley.   Boarding this ribbed airship (blimps have no internal skeleton), we had to stagger our boarding, so the ship would be properly balanced.  There were already 12 passengers, and 2 crew on board, so we had board two at a time, then two would leave –so the proper weight was kept.

Departing from Moffett Field, I was live tweeting photos, since we were only 1000 feet up, the cell reception worked well.  People responded to me on Twitter and said they saw me like, Tatayana, Cynthia, Waili on Facebook, and even NASA Ames responded to us on Twitter!  In the below pictures, you’ll see overhead views of Google (notice the solar panels), a circular neighborhood in Sunnyvale, Stanford, Facebook, HP, and Portola Valley (look for the pirate ship).

Googleplex: Notice all the solar panels The Loo with a ViewIMG_1370 Kenny is daring C130 Pirate Ship in backyard
These propellers are directional Pilot Moffett Stanford Facebook and HP In the gondola cabin: 12 passengers, and 2 crew, plus bathroom and viewing bench

(Silicon Valley Sightings is an ongoing PhotoBlog that captures the intersection of Tech Culture in the San Francisco Silicon Valley Bay Area, check out the archives. All photos by Jeremiah Owyang)