Keeping up with the Social Web

“How do I Keep Up? This is one of the most common questions I get from folks, or a variant: “Do you sleep?” or “Do you have a family?”

I can answer succinctly: “I don’t, in shifts, and yes… I think.”

I’ve dedicated my life to how the web helps companies connect with customers, it’s something I knew I wanted to do for many years, I’m lucky I fell into my passion. It comes with costs however, I’m out of shape, stressed, I don’t sleep well, and my blood pressure is up. In fact, Mary Duan of the Silicon Valley Business Journal has interviewed me to find out how I keep up –and the risks that come with being an analyst over the fastest moving industry in business.

Without a doubt, staying on top of this rapidly changing industry has its tolls, so I’ve figured out a system that keeps me half way sane. I pay myself first every morning by reading and sharing (you’ll see me tweet out interesting links as early as 3-4am) I then focus on my blog, savings links for my weekly digest, reading and responding to comments, and if I get time, I’ll write a post. Then, I’ll check my personal email and try to clear those out –then shift to work email. Pretty much always in that order.

Sarah Austin of Pop17 interviewed me at SXSW, enjoy this fun one. Yes, and I’m serious, I’d really like to go to Dubai, let me know if there are any conferences you may need a speaker at.

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  1. Nice interview Jeremiah and it was great to finally meet you at SXSW. Interesting you said podcasting and video is one of the upcoming trends for 2009, something I’m doing; that’s good news. Sounds like we have a lot in common. I want to go to Dubai too but I’m not good at waking up at 4am.

    It’s hard staying on top of all the industry news especially with everything going “real time” but with filters, RSS, saved searches and your blog we’ll keep learning. Get some rest!


  2. It was neat to hear about a couple of the challenges for social web marketers these days. However, I do feel that measurability has dramatically increased (and will continue to do so) over the upcoming years. But as with all marketing, I don’t think you can measure efforts in absolute terms (clicks, eyeballs, sales dollars), but in reputation, brand management, etc. It’s still a very gray area.

    Additionally, I can’t believe they spelled Forrester wrong on your caption! First thing I noticed. Further proof that “marketers don’t have much control over what’s being said” 🙂

  3. I really appreciate your dedication and timeline you’ve outlined for your daily routine. It’s an interesting goal to keep in mind and a great thing to share with those that ask me how I keep up with all things social media. Thanks!

  4. Wayne

    Podcasting isn’t the fastest growing, it’s Social Networking, at least that’s what my recent research told me. Sadly, the podcasting space is probaly one of the slowest growing efforts in the social space.

  5. If it makes you feel any better, I read your daily updates regularly and really appreciate what you do. Keep up the good work!

    I went to Dubai last year before the economy tanked to participate in a Global Innovation Forum. All expenses were paid (by Nakheel, the main sponsor, which is also a company run by the Dubai government). As a curiosity, Dubai is interesting. It was amazing to see the incredible amount of construction taking place, the famous ski slope inside a mall, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the Burj Al-Arab Hotel, the Palm Island, etc.

    Definitely worth a visit.

    But once I learned more about their class system, their treatment of women, their conspicuous consumption (and waste of $$) it became a much less interesting place.

  6. Hey Jeremiah

    I’m in Dubai at the moment checking out the scene – its definitely worth checking out. The Internet city is a great idea but has its limits.

    I’ll see if we can organise something and get you out here. I’m sure lots of the local twitter and social media execs would love to hear you speak out here.

    I’ll drop you a line if I get any bites.


  7. Love the schedule :). Mainly because I’m still trying to acclimatize myself to being completely invested in the cycle and rapidly changing environment that makes up most of the industry. I’m getting better (not sleeping helps, apparently) but I still have a long way to go. Thanks for hitting us up with a bit of inspiration and a little insight into how you manage to handle it all.

  8. Hi,
    i am working on the New Media Forum (December ’08 it was in Dubai), now we moved it to Abu Dhabi – capital of the UAE – who has the vision (and money) to become the next media hub.
    Conference is on 18 & 19 October 2009. I would be happy to invite you.

  9. Hey Jeremiah,

    I love reading your posts all the time. And it’s great to read more about how your manage all that information out there. I am trying to figure out my own system right now.

    And I used to want to go to Dubai. But then I read this article. I’m not trying to burst your bubble or anything, but it is a very interesting take on the real Dubai. If it’s a place anyone wants to go, they should read this first.

  10. You should do some video blogging on deeper material Jeremiah, you’re great on video. She’s asking shallow questions because her beat isn’t as industry oriented, but you could do well in this format. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I agree, Jeremiah.
    You come across very well on video.
    It adds a nice dimension to reading your tweets and blog.
    Thanks for sharing this (as well as all your thinking on social media).
    Have fun in Dubai!

  12. The mother in me is speaking: if your blood pressure is up now, make some very quick changes. You are far too young to have blood pressure problems.

  13. I knew being you isn’t easy, just had no idea how much..
    You’re reading RSS and twitts at 4am? man, when do you sleep?!

    Very much impressed with your daily routine Jeremiah, keeping that energy day in and day out, almost 365 days a year is unbelievable! Not to mention your ‘day job’ at Forrester.
    You can be one of David Allen’s best practices, for GTD.. 😉

    The only tip I’ll give is this:
    try finding some YOU time in the day, that doesn’t require you to think/read/share: Listen to music, take a 30min walk outside, ride a bike, watch E! (or FTV), play ball… that would make you feel ‘dis-connected’ and might open your mind to new ideas.

  14. I think I will break my router so I will stop using social networks.You just cannot manage job,family and internet anymore.

  15. Hey Jeremiah, and thanks for all you do. I often struggle with balancing/integrating. At my heart, I care a lot about non-tech stuff – my family, cooking, culture, art, poetry. Yet, I spend the vast majority of my time online and absorbing the swell of information. I’ve come to be more comfortable with being unwired recently, but I think it’s a health and social challenge we need to think about as a culture. How we’re more and more connected – but at the cost of some very important physical connections (like eating, sleeping, etc…)! Love your continued thoughts on this, especially as social media becomes a preferred entertainment source.

  16. oppsss, submitted my previous comment too fast. I just want to add – it’s nice to see the photo of Hawaii on that video – that’s Maui, right? Looking forward to your return (with your lovely wife). Maui is a great place to unwind. If you are going to Dubai in Oct. then a Sept Maui trip is perfect 🙂

    I’m still enjoying blogging and twittering. And I thought I should let you know that my former employer re-hired me; and wants to to blog for the company!

  17. Hi,
    Meant to reply several days ago. Perhaps I should get up earlier. At any rate, I was in Dubai two years ago, fantastic place. This is a great blog on life in Dubai from an expats perspective And be sure to get to the old part of Duabi.

  18. Thanks for sharing your schedule Jeremiah – love the idea of paying yourself first 🙂 I need to do this!

    Have you experimented with outsourcing any of your day to day activities to an outsourcing team? (news filtering etc) If so did it work out for you?

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