The Importance of Nurturing

It’s amazing how things come back around, when you least expect them.

Earlier today I talked to John Batelle, the CEO of Federated Media, he spends a lot of time educating clients and helping them learn, moving them from the “Why” to the “What” to the “How” questions. It pays off for him in spades, as he’s able to demonstrate his knowledge, leadership, and get his customers to trust him and his company.

A few years ago, I helped a junior PR person at an agency try to understand social media, I even had a phone call with her to give her some guidance and share what I know –there wasn’t anything in it for me. Two years later, she joins the corporate communications group of one of the world’s largest tech companies, and became my internal champion.

She arranged for some internal client calls where I offer them some advice (called client ‘inquiry’ calls which are no cost to clients) It grew to a scoping call, which spread from department to department to department. It’s now grown into a very large customer research project –that spans nearly the entire enterprise. We deliver the research results in the near future and hundreds of employees will be in attendance and the data will be used to shape how they approach social media for the long run. In fact, if you’re a social media vendor or agency to this brand, it’s likely you’ll eventually see some of the research that we prepared and you can factor into your work with the brand.

Just goes to show, that helping people –even when there’s nothing in it for you– can lead to great rewards in the future. Sadly, times for me have changed, I had 10 meetings alone today, and don’t have enough time to even talk to personal friends during the work day, so I have to rely on this blog to help others –although it’s not as personal as even a phone call.

Be good to others, share with them and nurture them, can’t think of anything more ‘social’ than that.