Survey: How did you get your job?

Layoffs are among us, even tech giant Google is apparently dicing off a significant portion of their workforce, more layoffs will come over the next year. For those that got laid off (or those that are worried about it, which is most) understanding the skills needed to land that next gig are crucial.

One of my goals in this new year is to help support the community around me. As a result, I’m launching a survey to find out how people recently got their job, in an effort to understand the skills, ways to find jobs, and other tips from those that have landed jobs.

Please take this survey then share it with others, I will make all of the data public (except names and emails) and will discuss the findings on a site I’ve dedicated to help folks get employed. Thanks to RWW for spreading the word on this survey. Bryan Person helps to read the word too.

Do note, I’m doing this outside of my day job, this is simply my way of giving back to the community. Please spread the word on this in order to help others.

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Take the survey: How did you get your job?