Forrester Research, HQ, 400 Technology Square, Cambridge, Ma
Image: The Mother Ship: Forrester Research, HQ, 400 Technology Square, Cambridge, Ma (see Google map)

There’s a lot of people behind the scenes at Forrester that are supporting the public facing analysts, and they often have thankless jobs. I want to take a moment to recognize them: Among them include the Inquiry team that helps to coordinate client calls between analysts and clients, a very difficult job: imagine trying to coordinate the schedules of over 2500 clients and 300 analysts, this isn’t easy, and I forget to be thankful for their support. The Briefing team helps to schedule key meetings with vendors, also a challenge given there are thousands of companies and their PR firms that are trying to connect with analysts, this takes a considerable amount of effort. The PR marketing team helps to provide best practices, thought leadership, arranges speaking engagements and sets analysts up with press and media interviews. Account teams have a difficult job too, they bridge research and clients, and ultimately need to make sure clients are happy. I’ve spent long hours with patient IT staff who have to deal with my abused laptops, and there’s also a team of Researchers who really hold down the fort, and I’m thankful, for their support. The biggest thanks is to my coach Christine, who has been clearing my schedule back for some time to focus on reports and client deliverables, thanks.

To all of these groups who are rarely talked about in public, but are critical to our success, thanks!

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