Weekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: July 9, 2008


I’m respecting your limited time by publishing this weekly digest on the Social Networking space, which I cover as an Industry Analyst –a good way to get in my head.

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Web Strategy Summary
There appears to be some headway with new executives appointed in regional areas to spearhead local efforts from MySpace and Bebo. Yahoo attempts to stay relevant in the space and launches social features for MyYahoo.

Executives: Myspace in Canada, Bebo in Europe
MySpace appoints a new general manager (think Country Manager) to head the charge to move into the Canadian web time. On a similar note, Bebo hires former Google exec to spearhead European efforts for Bebo.

Features: MyYahoo to get ‘social’
This story didn’t get much coverage by the latest iteration of MyYahoo has more social features. With the overall success of this feedreader, they stand to gain a growing opportunity by linking in it’s social graph data from the network of Yahoo Mail, pictures, Upcoming, and groups.

Case Study: How Mozilla used Social Networks to set a world record
Aside from having a loyal and zealot like fan base, Mozilla set a world record in downloads by using social networks to spur on word of mouth. Brilliant.

Partnership: UserPlane partners with ConVerge to deliver Chat
Were seeing more and more partnerships and alliances between the large and fragmented white label industry, now with the opportunity for those to build fully functioned communities complete with bells and whistles. Userplane and ConVerge partner, benefiting chat features, esp for sites like Mashable

Vertical: Kiwibox Targets Youth Market
I was recently briefed by Kiwibox, who did a great job in a Q&A session with me. While having a very small community of active users, they really know the teen segment. If you’re looking to do something targeted and flexible, starting a conversation with them is a good idea.

Platform: RockYou gets punished by Facebook
Due to some changes in Facebook, there has been a radical change in numbers from the friends applications.

Interview: CEO of BrightIdea
White label social newtworks and internal innovation tools can help enterprises move forward, the CEO of Brightidea, a white label social network is being interviewed by Bambi Francisco

Mobile: 8 Mobile Social Networks
This list demonstrates how mobile social networks are appearing –a dime a dozen –expect mobile carriers to acquire these social networks, those who have limited ability to create their own.

Departmental: Why HR should embrace social networks
Aside from recruiters flocking LinkedIn, Human Resource departments, have for the most part, often missed the opportunities that social tools can do to increase corporate knowledge, connect talent, and build relationships for retention. This article explains why it’s important.

OpenSource: Many platforms available
While I encourage large brands to work with vendors that have the experience, services, strategy, and support, there is often a need for open source projects for inhouse development teams, or small and medium sized organizations, see this list of 50

Psychology: Social Networks harmful to Youth
This article suggests that youth will continue to become insensitive to the real world as they interact within social network. While a simliar take as we heard in the 1980s about television –time will tell as this new medium is here to stay.

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