Predictions: What Technology will Replace

My CEO, George Colony lists out a few products and services that have ‘disappeared’ due to technology in his latest blog post. He lists out encyclopedias, classifies, records, actors and even trans-continental flights. He asks what could disappear next. I’ll throw out some hypothetical situations that could cause some of the following dissipate:

  • Support for products could be transplanted by peer to peer support tools like GetSatisfaction where passionate customers self-support each other bypassing corporations
  • “Outside” Sales teams could be replaced by Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) s where customers define what they want, companies respond.
  • Printed photos/photo centers, at least in the eyes of Generation Y are already falling by the wayside
  • Physical printed maps are already being replaced by digital GPS systems in many cars
  • Restaurant review companies like Fodors and Zagat, instead replaced by peer review sites like Yelp.
  • Digital book readers, like the Kindle, although still in early generations could replace distribution of printed books
  • Keyboard and mice, what a slow and archaic way of input, which needs to evolve from voice/eye recognition
  • Movie Theaters can go away as home entertainment systems get bigger screens in HD, with great audio at lower costs. Coupled with streaming data, HD movies can be piped directly into the home
  • Gasoline powered cars
  • Leave a comment with your prediction –or refute mine
  • Thanks to Carter Lusher who spurred on this discussion.