Weekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: July 2, 2008


I’m respecting your limited time by publishing this weekly digest on the Social Networking space, which I cover as an Industry Analyst –a good way to get in my head.

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Web Strategy Summary
The white label space continues to grow, investments flow to Lithium. I’m noticing more in the social networking indsutry (white and organic) are starting to talk to each other more, a sign as data becomes more open, and platforms realize to win, one must share.

Industry Report: White Label Vendor Product Catalog coming soon
I recently conducted research to catalog the large and growing white label industry. A report called the Vendor Product Catalog of Community Platforms will soon be published for Forrester clients.

Funding: Lithium, White Label Social network, Raises $12mm
This white label social network is growing it’s reach and raised a cool 12, I’ve updated the bottom of the index page that is keeping track of funding, partnerships, and alliances. For many white labels (I have the stats) this 12 can take them pretty far, or prepare them to go shopping.

Interview: Q&A with LinkedIn
Get up close and personal with Allen Blue who shares his post-funding plans, Company Groups and corporate intranets, do see references to where I think they can succeed in the enterprise.

MySpace launches Data Availability
MySpace is fully launching Data Availability, a nod to the open movement where hopefully members, their graphics, and data will quickly move from one network to another.

Legal: Facebook anointed over Connect U
Connect U and Facebook have been going at each other over who was first to the sandbox, judge now hampering down, anointing Facebook the winner.

Verticals: More niche social networks appear
Many, many, many more social networks for every niche appear, one for investors and enterpreneurs, and another for those what want to breastfeed. Read more from the Guardian.

Campaign: Cartier Embellishes MySpace
Famous Jeweller Chooses MySpace to Introduce Latest Collection ‘Love by Cartier‘, this multi-media microsite has social features, media, and brand assets.

Mobile: Whrrl supports Razr, Blackberry and Samsung
We continue to see more social networks appear for mobile devices, now Whrrl will spread it’s reach by adding additional devices.

People: Marc Andressan (ning) joins Facebook BOD
This is interesting, could it tell of the future of Ning and Facebook? Located a few blocks from each other, they have a lot of similarities and could eventually benefit from tying data, resources, and even members. To watch for sure as Marc moves closer to Facebook by joining the Board of Directores.

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