Another Job Hire from reading this blog

Previously, we heard that Andrew read this blog and got a job, now more success stories that people are connecting –and getting jobs from reading the web strategy blog, this is great news. I’ve been given permission to publish this email from Jonathan:

Hi Jeremiah,

Thanks for your DM. It would be my pleasure to share my story… one of your tweets (almost two months ago) mentioned your job feed on your site. Feeling quite unsettled in my current position, I click and found what looked to be a perfect job. I fired off my resume and received a call the next day from the hiring manager. After a series of calls and an intense day of interviews, I received an offer! My new job is Web Director at the Association of Corporate Counsel. It’s a logical step in my career and should involve a good deal of strategy and operations.

I gave my official notice today — my manager was in a state of shock. I, on the other hand, am so excited to move.

Best regards,

Jonathan Kash
PS Aside from my gratitude for all you do for the community (including the job feed), I certainly owe you a drink! I’ll be blogging about my experience once the department knows (law firms are such a strange environment).

Congrats Johnathan, I’ll take that drink, red wine is a fav.

You can find jobs, connect with others, and read other case studies by clicking the “on the move” section. Or, see the Web Strategy Job Board, where recruiters are posting jobs (paid) and a dynamic listing is available.