95 Theses, Paratroopers, and There’s a New Conversation

When I first read the Cluetrain manifesto, it got my excited. I actually printed out the 95 Theses and left them on many of the marketing leaders chairs at my office at Hitachi Data Systems. The content was very revolutionary, so I actually never told them that I was the one that printed it out and parachutted these 95 soliders onto their desks. Since they read this blog, I guess they now know.

10 years later and the book is still going strong now (and it’s available for free), Shel Israel suggests (and I agree) that it’s the first in a trilogy of books: Naked Conversations, and now Groundswell. I was around during the launch of Naked, and was given permission to buy over 60 books for my colleagues at HDS (I guess the paratroopers did their job), and was at the book launch at Arrington’s house, and got to know Shel really well, and eventually worked with Robert. Now, I’m sitting right next to Charlene, and work with Josh frequently, it’s a real blessing to follow my passion.

The Conversation Group (social media strategists) have put together a great event, remembering Cluetrain after 10 years, in fact they’ve a blog dedicated to the tour, and I’ve asked to be one of the presenters, quite honestly, it’s a humbling offer, thanks.

Hope to see you at the “There’s a New Conversation” Thursday, May 29th, in Palo Alto

I hope you attend too, you can register for “There’s a New Conversation” Thursday, May 29, 2008 8:30 am PT – 8:00 pm PT, Palo Alto, CA. My discount code is friendoftcg and it totals the event at $75 / person including breakfast, lunch, and cocktail reception afterwards.

See you at There’s a New Conversation!