Silicon Valley Sightings: The Yahoo! Billboard

Silicon Valley Sightings

Yahoo! has a very prominent billboard on highway 80 in San Francisco, (streetview map) right before you cross over the bay bridge (close to the freeway collapse of the Loma Prieta earthquake). When I go to tech events in the city, I almost always see this sign, it’s been there for quite a few years. Reminiscent of a 60s interstate sign you’d see before getting to Las Vegas, the current special to “Resolve to LOL more” plays well to the geeks like myself.

Interestingly enough, billboard pricing is much like internet advertising, both measure traffic, yes one measures cars and the other server requests.

(Silicon Valley Sightings is an ongoing PhotoBlog that captures the intersection of Tech Culture in the San Francisco Silicon Valley Bay Area, check out the archives (which now showcase some tech areas in Asia). All photos by Jeremiah Owyang)

7 Replies to “Silicon Valley Sightings: The Yahoo! Billboard”

  1. you should have taken the picture from another angle so you can see the billboard.
    I think it says something like “Are you…”

    Seriously, I’m like you when it comes to seeing tech signs or logos on buildings. To find out where a major player is located excites me. I just saw the big sign in oakland and recently I drove by the Apple campus. both of which I did not know exactly where they where located.

    just like star maps in hollywood, they should make tech maps for the bay area.

  2. I live about two blocks away from this sign, and it appears to change rather frequently (either that or my short term memory coupled with constant travel are deceiving me). The retro aspect does catch one’s attention.

    At any rate, I think it is a pretty good campaign, clever little quips for those on the way to Oakland – and just about everyone in Oakland would rather be somewhere else 🙂

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