Data: How Corporate Social Strategists Use Slideshare

My career mission since I launched this blog several years ago when I was running social at Hitachi (Shel Israel is writing a book about the early days) is to focus on how companies use web technologies to connect with customers.

Aligned with my mission, Altimeter’s Nov report on the “Career Path of the Social Strategist” has spread far and wide, and the definition for the list of the Corporate Strategists on the buyer side in 2011 (If you want to see who has buying influence). As a result, good friend of mine Marshall Kirkpatrick top editor of Read Write Web, conducted analysis to find out how these buyers are using Twitter.

Ross Mayfield, who recently joined Slideshare, has now conducted analysis using the same data set from my blog listing to find out how these strategists are using Slideshare, in particular, there’s a few folks that have shared some files that have travelled far and wide, and a few early adopters of the technology. This is an important channel to watch, as thought leaders are emerging by publishing their philosophies on slideshare (don’t be so myopic in focusing on Twitter).

In particular, I’d like to salute the following Corporate Social Strategists:

It’s one thing to use social media for your business objectives, but to also share what you’ve learned to better the industry, and I wanted to salute all those listed above, thank you!

On a personal note, It’s great to see how the research is being used, expanded, by the community.