Industry Reference: The Social Business Stack for 2011 (Slideshare)

Below is an embedded powerpoint. If you can’t see it (perhaps from email) please see the blog post to access the presentation.

Last night, I was invited to to present my research findings to the VC community on Sand Hill road at National Venture Capital Association presented a forecast of where the Enterprise Social Business space was headed in 2011.  Below, you’ll find a reduced version of my slides and most of the salient points.  I’ve removed much of the spending data in 2010 and 2011 as I have a formal research report coming out in the near future which will publish on this blog.

The social business category is quite difficult to track, in part due to the constant investment injections this room as provided. I provided my view of the entire category and presented the 7 major categories and 18 specific classes within the space, here’s a former blog post where I was laying out the stack, although this presentation supersedes the post.  Also, you’ll find a few snippets of enterprise buyer objectives for both internal and external, and I provided the attendees with recommendations on what I would do if I were in their shoes.

The Social Business Stack: 7 Categories, 18 Discrete Classes, for 2011
Above Framework: The Social Business Stack: 7 Categories, 18 Discrete Classes, for 2011

In closing, I told these top VCs that much later in my career, I plan to move closer to the investing space. But first I must get more experience under my belt, I recognize I still have a lot to learn as an entrepreneur just passing year one.

(Credits: Thanks to Altimeter’s Charlene Li and Christine Tran for ongoing collaboration)