Keeping up with the Social Web

“How do I Keep Up? This is one of the most common questions I get from folks, or a variant: “Do you sleep?” or “Do you have a family?”

I can answer succinctly: “I don’t, in shifts, and yes… I think.”

I’ve dedicated my life to how the web helps companies connect with customers, it’s something I knew I wanted to do for many years, I’m lucky I fell into my passion. It comes with costs however, I’m out of shape, stressed, I don’t sleep well, and my blood pressure is up. In fact, Mary Duan of the Silicon Valley Business Journal has interviewed me to find out how I keep up –and the risks that come with being an analyst over the fastest moving industry in business.

Without a doubt, staying on top of this rapidly changing industry has its tolls, so I’ve figured out a system that keeps me half way sane. I pay myself first every morning by reading and sharing (you’ll see me tweet out interesting links as early as 3-4am) I then focus on my blog, savings links for my weekly digest, reading and responding to comments, and if I get time, I’ll write a post. Then, I’ll check my personal email and try to clear those out –then shift to work email. Pretty much always in that order.

Sarah Austin of Pop17 interviewed me at SXSW, enjoy this fun one. Yes, and I’m serious, I’d really like to go to Dubai, let me know if there are any conferences you may need a speaker at.