Welcome Gartner Analyst Blogs

As of yesterday, Gartner analysts are now able to blog about topics related to their industry, judging by their posts, this looks like an internal battle they were finally able to win, fantastic news. In light of their upcoming Web Innovation Summit (see the official blog), there is a great deal of focus on social media, the cloud and web 2.0. For many IP companies, making decisions on whether to join the company always requires some degree of uncomfort and a whole lot of trust.

While Gartner has official corporate blogs (as most analyst firms do) the following list of Gartner blogs appear to be personal blogs maintained by individual analysts, I’m great at lists, so here’s a start.

Mark Driver, focus on large scale distributed computing and web technologies.

Ray Valdes, Vice President, Engineering, 2 years, his research on social software is interesting to me.

Gene Phifer: Managing VP of Web Technologies Group

Jeff Mann: As VP of Research, Jeff has a personal blog, but discusses analyst related duties from his Twitter account. Aside from being interesting, he’s been a real gentleman towards me.

What’s interesting in Gene’s comments is that he writes the following: “Thanks to all for the welcome aboard. Several of us have been chomping at the bit to get out into the blogosphere. Stay tuned–the last I heard about 50 Gartner analysts will be joining me”.

As a friendly tip to these new bloggers, I always reccomend to my clients to use Feedburner in order to track growth of subscribers –a great way to measure the ROI of your efforts, but it’s important to do it now from the start, to accurately benchmark growth.

I believe in being a gentleman in business and want to lead community, not break it –it always seems better to respect competitors, and to get energized when they do something interesting. When we’ve smart people from multiple areas of the industry sharing online and talking, the hope is that new information can be shared, confirmation of existing premises, or new ideas can start to form, or at least that’s my answer to Carter’s question. Please take the time to welcome Gartner’s analysts to the conversation, I look forward to being in dialog with them.