List of companies that measure widget measurement or metrics

I’m watching more closely the movement within the widget industry, it’s growing quickly, and we expect 2008 to have some serious growth from this market. Expect widget advertising networks to appear this year, and as a result, the need to measure and watch this distributed industry is important. Here’s a list of companies that measure widget network growth.

How is widget measurement different than traditional web analytics? Widgets spread (velocity = distance/time) over networks, and are distributed. Users will embed them, interact with them and share with them with others. Also, you can identify unique nodes where applications have spread, these are influencer nodes, and should be treated with extra care. When deploying your widget, since it’s managed by a host, demand that you’ve access to metrics so you can see how it performs, and more importantly, who it works well with.

List of companies that provide widget measurement or metrics

Appsaholic from Social Media
“SocialMedia developed Appsaholic, an analytics suite that allows you to track the success of your application and see how it compares to others”

“Clearspring is the leading provider of cross-platform widget services. Our goal is to make it easy to use content and services from across the Internet to weave personalized experiences. With our flagship service, digital content and service providers can easily package, distribute, and analyze the performance of widgets via a single platform. Clearspring is a privately funded company based in McLean, Virginia.”

“Gigya serves the world’s largest brands with a full-service widget advertising model covering design, development, hosting, distribution, viral promotion and tracking.”

Widgetbox’s Syndication Metrics
“Widgetbox’s Widget Syndication Metrics is an analytics dashboard for widget developers. It is free and comes with every widget on Widgetbox.”

“A Multimedia Player With A Revenue Model ”

“MuseStorm’s breakthrough analytics give publishers and marketers previously unattainable precise distribution and audience interaction metrics, including impressions, video playback, rollovers, and clickthroughs. With this intelligence, companies can optimize their content and delivery in real time to maximize the engagement of their audience.”

If you want to learn more about widget strategy, this podcast with Clearspring is very helpful.

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