Slides & Video: Climb the Social Business Hierarchy of Needs (LeWeb Keynote, 2011)

I’m thrilled to return as a keynote speaker at LeWeb for the third time in a row.  While I’ve shared these same findings on social business at conferences in the US, I’m pleased to finally present in EMEA. We found that despite companies running to open social media accounts, internally, companies are ill-prepared.  Yes, that’s right, it’s time to return to basics and focus on building a scalable infrastructure –before jumping into adopting social tools.

I’ve embedded both the slides from the keynote as well as the report (original post here) which it’s based off of below, feel free to widely share.  Also, I’m thankful for the broader research team which includes Christine Tran and Andrew Jones.

Above: Here’s the 20 minute video. I added it a few days later.

The original report, which the high level slides are loosely based on are below, which includes 63 interviews, survey of 144 enterprise class corporations, and analysis of 50 case studies.

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