Web-Strategist.com – 3.0

(Jeremiah: The following is a guest post by Mitch Canter who lead the web redesign for the version you’re reading. It’s been about two years since we’ve done a redesign and I’m due for a refresh (see how we involved you). But to be successful, I know I need to get inputs from the community, so I’d love to get your thoughts and feedback)

Good afternoon!  My name is Mitch Canter – I guess you could say I’m the wrench that keeps the Web Strategist blog ticking behind the scenes with updates, changes, and new eye candy.  It’s been two years since we launched the current version of the site, and Jeremiah and I are beginning talks to move this site into a new version.  New features, a new design, and some new elements to keep you guys (the community) going.

That being said, we’re asking for your suggestions as to what you think the site needs.  We’re looking for ideas that will 1) enhance the community, 2) provide new and exciting features, and 3) allow the easiest access to the main show here: the content and discussions.

We’ll be taking suggestions for right around a week, so leave your thoughts in the comments below.  I’ll be monitoring things and discussing the various ideas with you, and once we’ve compiled our data (and Jeremiah’s thoughts on the site as well) we’ll give you a game plan.

This next month is going to be teeming with new ideas and cool features, so stick around!

~Mitch Canter

(Jeremiah again: love to hear your comments below, how can we improve? I tell companies to listen to their customers, so I will follow suit. Your opinion is important to us, we’re listening!)