Weekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: April 5, 2009


I’m respecting your limited time by publishing this weekly digest on the Social Networking space, which I cover as an industry analyst. By creating this digest (I started this over a year ago) it really helps me to stay on top of the space I cover.

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Web Strategy Summary
This has been one busy week, between the many announcements stemming from Web 2.0 Expo, to the toll of the recession, there’s a lot to keep track of, here’s what matters: Twitter is starting to monetize through a few different trial directions, from working with Federated Media to do sponsored aggregation, advertising with Google, and in preliminary talks with Google that don’t prove to be much of anything. MySpace and Microsoft team up, also on a similar vein Facebook and Adobe. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to track everything that’s going on in this space, so if you see I missed anything, leave a comment.

Advertisements: Google and Twitter
Google offers Ads using Tweets, seem odd? Intuit is the first to take this on by: “…Intuit, whose TurboTax brand is trying to boost its Twitter followers. Intuit used several of the measures available for any AdSense campaign to target the ads, which are running on sites such as Bebo, Facebook, Hi5, MySpace and Alltop.” I guess it goes to show, if you can’t earn ’em, buy ’em.

Launch: MySpace runs after Yelp
This article states is succinctly that: “MySpace announced Tuesday that it is adding local business ratings tools to its social network. As with Yelp, MySpace users will soon be able to look up phone numbers and addresses for local restaurants and bars on the site and post comments about their customer experiences.”

Partnerships: Adobe and MySpace vs Facebook and MYSpace
Coincidental timing? Or competitive response? It’s hard to tell as Adobe offers Flash to Facebook. In rapid succession, MySpace partners with Microsoft to offer Silverlight, or is it the other way around? The MySpace website will also now be available on windows mobile. Either way, the web experiences for both containers will become richer.

Culture: Digital youth may feel overconnected
This study indicates there are difference classes of those who are connected, each with a different sentiment and ability to cope with the digital world. I know some colleagues that feel that their blackberry is actually a tether.

Partnership: Federated Media and Twitter Team Up
In addition to the ExecTweets campaign, which aggregates executive tweets with Microsoft sponsor, FM and Twitter have teamed up to offer a campaign around March Madness with AT&T.

Targeting: Researches can determine who anonymous members are
Do you have an anonymous twitter account? These researchers can get a general sense of who you are based on your friends, and cross-comparing it to other social networks. Add in behavioral analysis, and this could start to get targeted.

Challenges: Mainstream Media Doesn’t Care about Twitter Tantrums
This interesting AdAge article suggests that mainstream users aren’t aware –nor care — about social media brand backlashes like Motrin moms. The next question is to ask “do these edgelings influence the mainstream?”

Viewpoint: CMS vs Community vs LMS
Clark Quinn compares the product direction of LMS systems, CMS systems and Community Platform systems and discusses how each approach is different. Decoupled vs coupled, or distributed or centralized? Clark then poses some questions on which direction you think these vendors should head.

Degree: Social media taught at University
Community, conversations, and sharing of ideas aren’t just within the corporate world, they’re now spreading to academia, take for example, this college which are offering classes –and degrees.

Strategy: Facebook Analysis
Ravit writes an excellent strategy breakdown of Facebook, and gives some very practical advice to Facebook, the top three tips include: Start thinking like the large company you are becoming, Choose an identity and stick with it, finally, Listen to your users

Layoffs: Hi5 Reduces Staff
This fast growing network doesn’t appear to be trending well. Despite their rapid growth that we’ve outlined in previous digests, they’ve not been able to monetize this traffic, with the change in the economic weather, they’re now dealing with downsizing.

Digg launches DiggBar
This portable bar is an ‘overlay’ to visiting other websites (sure a simple frame) but when you add social features to it, the Digg army travels with you as you surf the web.

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7 Replies to “Weekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: April 5, 2009”

  1. Jeremiah –

    Wow what a week of social media news indeed! What I find interesting is My Space seems to be unwilling to go down without a fight, which I applaud! There are still certain advantages that My Space offers concerning the user experience that facebook and Twitter cannot touch. I would like to see them (My Space) get over their over protectionist position on phishing and allow user to post hot links freely, which then makes My Space more useful tool for business.

    The My Space/Yelp strategy could be one of many directions they can pursue to remain relevant, but they better hurry!

    Thank you for the value you always bring.


  2. James

    MySpace, despite losing some key executives is more determined now than ever to demonstrate their relevance.

    Despite the media slaying they’ve been getting from the up and comer, they still have a large community. They need to continue to innovate.

    Thanks Jennifer, Stuart, and Andrew.

  3. Very good stuff man.
    You are doing all this News farming alone?
    I can’t keep up man. I try it alone and I get confused what site I am working on.

    Well. Great work man.

  4. TruXter

    Yup, I’m a lone farmer, curating this content on my own.

    I slowly build this digest every day, as I see interesting links, I add it to this draft and build it slowly.

    Although painful, this exercise has proven very helpful for me over the last 2 years of doing it, and forces me to ensure I keep track of what’s happening.

    I know several executives at major brands and social networks subscribe to it each week.

  5. Cheers for Jereimiah!

    Jeremiah you are great for providing such a good information, that also from your real experience. There are few people who take trouble for others.

    May god bless you with happiness

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