Webinar: Social Media Across the Enterprise

Hopefully you’ve noticed my journey lately, to understand how social computing impacts not just one aspect of a company, but how it’s going to be an ‘overlay’ across the entire organization, in fact, nearly two years ago, I created this graphic in 2007 which demonstrates how social computing can be applied across an entire customer lifecycle. Maybe you noticed that in 2009 your CIO will start to sniff out the different business departments deploying social technologies, and may want to consolidate.

Spiksource and Intel have made it possible by working with Forrester to sponsor this webinar on Leveraging Social Media into your Business Strategy, Feb 5th 10am PST where we won’t just talk about how social media impacts marketing –but thinking bigger to the whole enterprise. I’ll be joined by Six Apart’s Michael Sippey, and Jive’s CMO, Sam Lawrence. See you there!

Update: Joseph has taken some notes from the webinar, thanks! also, the recording is now available.

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  1. I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for taking part in it — everyone should be great presenters.

  2. Jeremiah – Will a playback be offered? I’m not allowed to access webinars during business hours. Thanks!

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