Schedule and Blog Redesign

Last week, I flew in from Tokyo and after a quick family reunion went straight to Dallas Texas forum, and met with clients here in SF in end of week. This week is as busy as before, and Ill be with clients Mon-Wed (I had to cancel with some folks sorry), Thursday I’m booked solid and having dinner with another VC firm and the CEOs of their portfolio companies, then will try to go to Web 2.0 expo in SF on Friday. On Saturday, I’m off to Denver at 6am to keynote the Thin Air Summit. I’ll be generally slower to respond to emails (they’re backlogged quite a few days back) so be patient with me. This will be my final week of travel (I’ve been on an airplane 5 of the last 6 weeks) and have some important research to publish soon regarding the Wave on community platforms.

On a side note, I’m likely to hire a web designer to redo my blog –if you want to talk, email me (see contact page), this could by my Christmas present to myself. In your opinion, what blog designs are best fitting for the marketers, web professionals, and social media folks that read my blog in agencies or corporations? Throw out some URLs that you think would be fitting.